Justin Bieber and Russell Crowe Australian Odd Couple

Justin Bieber and Russell Crowe an Australian Odd Couple

Justin Bieber and Russell Crowe are an Australian odd couple right now. New Zealand actor Crowe, who lives in Oz, has gone on record saying that he thinks the 19 year-old Canadian popstar’s graffiti tag on a Gold Coast hotel looks good. Crowe also said that he liked seeing Bieber’s “art.” The 49 year-old actor tweeted his approval of Justin’s artistic efforts while others were complaining about the singer’s vandalism.

The hotel wasted no time gushing about the clumsy tag that Bieber put on their wall while a bodyguard stood watch. At least the pop star asked for the hotel’s permission before applying spray paint to the surface. The QT Hotel went on to say that they thought the decorated tennis courts were a lovely addition to their luxury hotel.

At least while Bieber sprayed his tag on the tennis court walls his bodyguards managed to keep their thuggish paws off of any guests of the hotel or fans of their boss. In a picture that shows the singer in “mid-tag” the bodyguard is just looking out for Bieber. That certainly was not the case when the Believe singer decided to catch a few waves off the Australian coast.

Bieber wanted to learn how to “ride the curl” so he went to Wategos Beach located at Byron Bay to take some lessons on Wednesday. Unfortunately a few local folks spotted the singer and they gathered to watch him go through his surfing paces. One Aussie surfer, Kes Weartherm, took a picture of the teen heart-throb clumsily clambering onto his surfboard.

An eagle eyed bodyguard spied the surfer snapping away at his boss with his cell phone camera. He immediately relieved Weartherm of his phone by allegedly wrenching it out of the local surfer’s hands. A crowd of local onlookers began to intimidate bodyguard Dwayne Patterson until he decided to give the 29 year-old amateur photographer’s phone back.

Russell Crowe, the other half of this Australian odd couple, did not mention Justin Bieber’s bodyguard’s behaviour in his supportive tweets to the pop star. Considering Crowes penchant for rudeness to fans and other people he comes in contact with, he most likely did not think Patterson’s ham-handed treatment of the local surfer was anything untoward.

It is very uncharacteristic to see Bieber actually trying to behave while on tour in the land down under. He has, thus far, managed to stay away from any Aussie brothels; refrained from inviting sex workers back to his room, asked permission before tagging the hotel wall and he does not appear to have “ordered” his minder to attack Wartherm. So far, so unlike Bieber.

There has been another incident that involved one of the performer’s bodyguards. Like the surfing incident, it looks as though Bieber had no role to play in his security teams unacceptable behaviour. A video from TMZ shows a paparazzi sitting in is car when a Bieber bodyguard approaches and orders him to leave. A short exchange follows where the photographer tells the menacing minder that you cannot do that sort of thing in Australia.

The photographer then states that the bodyguard kicked his car and later tried to slit the vehicle’s tires with a knife. Neither of these two actions are caught on camera. The bodyguard at the beach ended up being arrested; charged with assault and criminal property damage. The car kicking guard was not, apparently, charged as a result of his actions.

Regardless of Crowe’s Twitter support for Bieber about the graffiti issue, nothing has been said about the singer’s bodyguards running roughshod over the local populace. It does seem that the “art” that the young star spray-painted on the hotel’s tennis court walls was welcomed enthusiastically by the management.

While local surfer Kes Weartherm has not spoken of his phone ordeal and the paparazzi have not come forward to press charges against the other guard, there is at least one person who is not a Bieber fan who will “turn the other cheek.” Mayor Tom Tate is definitely not impressed with either Bieber’s artistic skill or his urge to to “mark” his territory like an animal who has not been fixed.

Tate got onto his Twitter account to angrily tweet about Bieber’s graffiti and that he expected the performer to either clean up his “mess” or sing free for an hour to make up for his “authorised” vandalism. Of course the Mayor is only backing up his city’s zero tolerance policy to tagging.

Russell Crowe, on the other hand, has tweeted that he thinks Beiber should “tag” the world. Justin Bieber and his Australian odd couple “partner” seem to share a common bond. One that includes artistic license and spray paint.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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