Justin Bieber Compares Himself to Michael Jackson Now? Sheesh

Justin Bieber
Give a talented youngster some fame and he might just buy into the image.

Justin Bieber is one talented youngster, there’s no arguing with that. It is clear that he has been blessed with some vocal and creative gifts that set him apart from many a kid his age in the US and probably throughout the world. But, when it is all said and done, regardless of the business hype and commercialization that has a vested interest in propping up the standout musician as some sort of a god, he’s still a mortal man who eats, sleeps, and probably uses the bathroom every now and again. But these issues of mortality seem not to have been put out of the young Justin Bieber’s consciousness. He seems to have bought into the commercial hype that corporate handlers have become so adept at manufacturing. The latest manifestation of an overfed ego, is Justin Bieber comparing himself to Michael Jackson, sheesh. The young musician said that he has all the time in the world to enjoy the recognition he deserves because Michael Jacksons career didn’t peak until his 20’s.

Justin Bieber has received quite a bit of negative press lately for some of his on-tour behavior, along with his habit of bringing his wild ways to his suburban neighborhood which houses many families that are long done, or disillusioned, with the raucous party lifestyle. Bieber recently made news for speeding at reckless speeds through his family filled neighborhood, and he followed up not long after with a blowout house party complete with illicit drugs and bare-bodied women. Justin Bieber has received quite of bit of backlash from offended parties within his neighborhood, along with some harsh criticism by the press, but that hasn’t phased the kid who is already comparing himself to Michael Jackson.

Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun sat down for an interview recently to give a response to the recent media treatment of the confident young man. Biebers responded to recent press saying, “I don’t give a f**k. Not that I don’t give a f**k just to be reckless and do whatever, but I don’t give a f**k what they say.”

With responses like these, to behavior “like that,” who can argue with the kid’s response. Is the young Justin Bieber even in a state of mind that would allow him to hear any healthy criticism?

It certainly appears as though Bieber is not familiar with the nature of the industry. For the time being, it’s all eyes on him. Everybody is googling him, tweeting about him, facebook sharing him, writing about him, and asking him to go here there and everywhere. But that’s what they’ve been doing since forever. Back in the day it was Greek athletes, then Roman gladiators, then famous sportsmen, now entertainers. But once all the “commercial value” is sucked out of the artificially inflated image, they’re done with you, and it’s on to the “next big thing.”

Justing Bieber seems to have bought into the hype, drank the kool-aide, and fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the sell by “corporate” that he is his image. It takes a quality that history has proven is probably not human, for one to realize, especially at the peak of their success or fame, that you are not your image but that you have an image. That image is usually artificial, created and supported by the many groups and individuals that have a vested interest in maintaining the image for you. The image exists to serve a very precise purpose, and unfortunately once that purpose runs its course, the superstar becomes the “casualty of war” as corporate interests move on.

At present, it might be wise for Beiber to try to remember his humanity and take a step back from the “god-image” that has been provided for him. For now, the young singer has gone as far as to compare himself to Michael Jackson, and he’s barely out of the starting gate of his career, sheesh. Michael’s career was certainly not without spot, but he did start out with the Jackson 5. If Justing Bieber aimed for that early image of Michael’s career he might ┬ásave himself some bad press and a whole lot of stress.

By Daniel Worku


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