Minnesota Mother of Five Plunges Car Into Icy Pond

Minnesota mother plunges car into pond


A 23-year-old Minnesota mother skidded off the road into an ice-cold pound with five children in the car yesterday, but sadly today one of the children passed away that was a five years old little girl.  Passerbys tried to help unsuccessfully, and one said that the ice-cold water was up to his neck as he stood on the car’s roof.  All five children were unresponsive and seriously injured, ages 1, 5 ,5, 6 and 7.  The child that died was her boyfriends daughter, but she was the bio-mother and step-mother figure to all the children. Her boyfriend’s two girls were in the car, and she had her two boys and one girl in the car with her (according to Channel four news).  Investigators are still unsure as to why the mother skidded off of the road and plunged the car into the icy pond with the five children, as the road was not icy but slightly wet from mist.  The car she was driving was a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am.

40-year-old Jeffrey Robertson from Minnesota said he could see someone screaming ‘Help Me!” over and over again in a nearby St.  Louis Park apartment when he called 911.  The Minnesota mother was standing knee-deep in the water, when Robertson noticed he could not see the car from where he was standing.  He felt terrible when he heard there where children still in the car that was underwater.  The mother, Marion Guerrido from Brooklyn Center, did not appear to have any injuries but investigators are still trying to figure out if the children were buckled or in-car seats.  The ramp also did not have any guard rails and investigators are trying to figure out if speed was involved with the car accident.

The emergency call was received about 6:10 am and all of the Minnesota children were retrieved from the car at 6:55 am.  At first emergency responders could not reach the children because the car was in nine feet of water, and the bottom was soft and mucky.  After the car was pulled from the pond rescuers were able to get to them.  The children were underwater in the car for about 20 minutes Jamie Zwilling, City spokesman said.  A chaplain was talking to the rescuers in hopes to help them cope with what they have seen and experienced.

Conditions of the surviving children are still not available, and information on whether the car was totally filled with water before rescuers could get them is unknown.  Eric Roeske, a Minnesota State patrol officer, said that the car seemed to angle to the left and went of the ramp of Highway 7 to Highway 100 and dived down onto the embankment into the icy pond which was about 40 to 50 yards from the road.  The children were pulled from the car and the last one, the little girl, was in the water for at least 45 minutes. Roeske mentioned that the water was not just very cold, it was nearly freezing temperatures.  Investigators do not believe there was any indication of the Minnesota mother to drive into the pond on purpose.

Update: The seven year old boy just recently passed due to complications from his injuries.

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