Justin Bieber Concert Tickets Drop to Half Price Down Under

Justin Bieber Concert Tickets Drop to Half Price Down Under

It appears that Justin Bieber is not as popular in the “land down under” as he was before his latest sexually related headlines. His concert ticket prices have dropped to half price in Australia and tickets that sold like hotcakes earlier are now as hard to peddle as icemakers to Eskimos.

In Sidney A Reserve tickets have dropped in price from $147 Australian dollars to $83. Australian news website News.com.au reports that on Ebay, the 19 year-old’s concert tickets are being sold for half price with few takers. Earlier in the year, Bieber tickets sold like crazy but now just a week before Justin is due to perform, the website says, that you almost cannot give tickets away.

Unlike the USA where the Believe singer’s reputation has no impact on his popularity with tween fans, in Australia, his downward turn in behaviour appears to be costing him dearly. Bieber will begin his eight show “down under” tour on November 26 and the tickets being sold on eBay have hit half their original price with many offers not being bid on.

With the increase of negative publicity that coincided with the pop star’s South American leg of his world tour, his welcome by Aussie fans has dropped from hot to lukewarm, or even tepid. Bieber’s penchant for frequenting Brazilian brothels and securing the services of professional sex workers, one of whom turned out to be a porn star, has apparently put his Aussie fans off.

Over the weekend, Justin hosted a triple X rated party at his Calabasas home. Besides making enough noise to irritate at least one of his long suffering neighbors; Bieber had the party decorated with a number of strippers. Guests may have been ordered to keep stum about the party’s events, but someone blabbed as the news of Bieber’s “babes” still managed to hit headlines.

News of his Calabasas home reeking of marijuana smoke must have put his Australian “Beliebers” off as well. With ticket prices dropping to half price in the land “down under,” The teenage pop sensation could be performing to near empty venues. His fans are showing their displeasure where it counts; in Bieber’s pocketbook.

According to the Alex Levenson head of the Asia Pacific branch of viagogo; the online ticket sales website, Bieber fans have gone cool on the performer since they first rushed to buy tickets in July. Levinson also revealed that 187 percent of Bieber concert tickets are being resold, which is impressive when compared to the lack of resale tickets of One Direction concerts during their October tour.

It appears that “squeaky clean” is how the fans and their parents want their teen idols. One Direction, says Levenson, have just that image and they appeal to a both generations of fans. Bieber, however, is coming across as the “enfant terrible,” which is upsetting his Australian fans and their parents are touting their purchased tickets online rather than attending his concerts.

Levenson said that One Direction have picked up the fans that Bieber has lost because of his “bad boy” behaviour. While the ticket prices are not dropping in half across the board they are being sold, on average, 41 percent cheaper than the original purchase price. It looks like just before Justin arrives in country to perform, his “former” fans are scrambling to get rid of the tickets.

It is not just Bieber’s Sydney tickets that are being sold for less either. Ticket prices for his Brisbane concert are selling for $54 which is nearly half of the original ticket price of $100.25. The performer’s Melbourne concert ticket price has dropped to $65.56 versus the $145.60 that they originally sold for.

The Sydney concert has a load of reserve A tickets with an asking price of $83 unsold. Other tickets, being sold on eBay have a reserve price of $50 and have not had one bid with just hours left of bidding time. Compared to Justin’s initial Australian tour in 2011; which had all of his concerts sold out literally within minutes of going on offer, his concerts this year will be pretty lonely affairs.

In the singer’s 2011 tour, extra performances were put on to satisfy his frenzied fans. This year with less than a week before the first concert kicks off, there are still tickets available for purchase. Levenson says that prices, and interest, began to drop when news of Justin’s hanging around a strip club in October hit headlines. A fall of 23 percent could be attributed to that story. Later, another 18 percent drop was the result of the young singer’s passing out in a hotel hitting social networking sites.

Not all artists due to tour down under have had a slump in ticket sales. New mother Beyonce has seen her ticket sales double, just as One Direction have. Levenson says that unfortunately for Justin Bieber, his concert tickets have dropped to half price down under, but, that is the price he pays for sharing a fan base with One Direction. Bieber also has to face up to the fact that not all his “Beliebers” are willing to forgive him his transgressions.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom