Justin Bieber in Trouble Again, Shocker?

Justin Bieber

Once again Justin Bieber makes headlines with his partying addiction. If it isn’t partying then it’s sneaking in to clubs. This kid isn’t even 21 yet and he thinks just because he is ‘famous’ he should be above the law. Being ‘famous and above the law’ didn’t work for Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes so why would he think it would work for him? This recent offense happened the night of November 15, 2013 in L.A.

Justin Bieber’s neighbors at his LA home were angered by his partying Friday night. The police weren’t just called once or twice, but it was reported that they were called three or more times! Sources say that the first neighbor to call the police was a neighbor Justin was already feuding with. This neighbor began calling the police around 1 am. (This neighbor is the neighbor that Justin Bieber apparently ‘spit in the face of’ back in October. But did the police call slow down Justin’s party? Not a bit actually. The neighbor became enraged and discouraged which led him to call the police a second time around 3 am.

The neighbor claimed the police could smell marijuana inside Justin’s house but had made no arrests. Though there were 2 visits by the police made between 1 and 3 am, Justin didn’t pay any attention to it. On the 3rd and final visit around 5:30 am, the police filed a report for disturbing the peace by Justin. Will Bieber ever slow down?

It is suggested that Justin may be acting out due to the face his ex, Selena Gomez, and singer Taylor Swift are on the edge with him. Apparently Selena and Taylor have become close after Justin and Selena ended things. Of course secrets were spilled among the two girls and now both who were once close to Justin, are against him. But can the public really blame Selena for spilling the secrets of their relationship?

It is true that you don’t know someone unless you ‘live with them’ but from the public’s eye, Justin has been in the wrong for most of Selena and his break-ups. This is not to assume Selena did nothing wrong because no one but Justin and Selena are going to know 100% of the details. But considering Justin’s behavior since stepping in to the lime light, it might be safe to assume that his behavior had at least a little to do with their break ups.

Justin Bieber needs a wakeup call and he needs it fast. The public can only hope that he will come to his senses one of these days but as of right now he is too star struck to know any better. Many at home think to themselves that they would handle the pressure of being famous much better. But the truth is you don’t know until you are in that particular situation. Giving Justin the benefit of the doubt maybe he is going through a lot with the pressures of being famous and his private life. Never the less he does need a wakeup call and needs to mature fast before he loses everything.

By Anjulina MaComber

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  1. DynashaKirkland   April 13, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    NO, what he needs is a counselor


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