Justin Bieber Takes on New Social Media Site

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has taken on a new social media site called, Shots Of Me, by investing $1.1 million in the venture.  Targeting Bieber’s strongest demographic of teen users, the site seeks to pick up young teens that are fading from Facebook, which has recently seen a decrease in teen users.  While there is very little official information about the site, it is believed that it will enable users to share pictures – lots of pictures.

Shots of Me will first launch as an app and will be available in the Apple store later this week.  It will be the latest offering from RockLive, a company that Bieber has worked with in the past by testing and tweeting about their social mobile games.  With a following of 46.5 million, Bieber has the second most followers on Twitter just behind Katy Perry who recently knocked him out of the number one spot.  Whether or not his Twitter fans follow him to this new app is yet to be seen.

This is not the first social media site that Bieber has taken on as an investor.  He has also put money into Viddy in 2009 as well as Tinychat and Spotify.  In the case of Viddy, Bieber’s promotion did not guarantee its success and the video-sharing startup is still struggling to find its footing in the market.

RockLive is a San Francisco based company was created a few years ago by CEO John Shahidi and his brother Sam.  According to Shahidi in an interview to Fortune who first reported the story, Bieber’s interest in the site sprang from the site’s goal of trying to address cyber-bullying and offering teens what they can’t get on other sites.

The teen heartthrob’s move to support this venture is home ground for the pop star.  He was discovered on Youtube and still has some of the highest rated songs on the site.  Bieber’s ability to generate loyal fans through the internet and social media sites is legendary as befits his Twitter ranking.  The first picture of himself that he sent out on Instagram got such a huge response that the company’s servers crashed. Fans are referred to as Beliebers and are well known for swarming hotels where he might be staying.

Bieber has been in the news of late for more controversial reasons.  Last week he was spotted leaving one of Brazil’s most famous brothels with two ladies in tow.  On Halloween he was in Columbia were street art is legal and was seen tagging his support for Chris Brown after Brown’s arrest for assault by spray painting “Free Breezy” on one of the Bogata’s city walls.

Bieber takes on this new social media site as the lead investor in this latest round of raised seed money, but he is not the only celebrity to invest.  In August of 2012, boxer Floyd Mayweather, venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, and actor Omar Epps all invested in the project.  Shots of Me now has $2.7 in seed funding and will begin soliciting institutional investments.

By J.S. Brinkley


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