Kanye West Loses His Mind

Kanye WestKanye West took his “Yeezus” tour to New York and performed two back-to-back concerts at Madison Square Garden this last week. The New York stop allowed Kanye to help promote his work on 2-New York-based radio stations. West, who seemed to cool things down for awhile, once again turned up the heat in his latest radio interviews. His comments were made to Hot 97’s: Angie Martinez, and SiriusXM’s: Sway Calloway. Many listeners tuned in to hear the rapper’s interviews, in which Kanye seemed to lose his mind.

During his interviews Kanye made numerous off-color and/or outrageous comments. Kanye commented on President Obama recently dropping his name in a conversation. Kanye told Martinez that the President did so because his name is the most relevant. In order for Barack to remain cool, West suggested that Obama needed to drop his name.

When Kanye was asked about money, he said that he needed to take it up another to another level. Specifically to the Jay Z and Diddy level, because West thought he wasn’t quite on par with the other rappers. West specified that economic empowerment gives him choices that would help him with freedom and joy, and he’s definitely seeking that joy that a fat wallet would bring.

Kanye West and his fiance Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and his fiancé Kim Kardashian

Kanye West was joined by his fiancé, Kim Kardashian, at the Hot 97 studios. When the host Martinez asked about the couple, West compared their relationship to Romeo and Juliet and said their love was a love story for all the ages. Kanye said when their relationship started, people talked about how their brands fit or didn’t fit. The rapper went on to say he’d rather see new conversations about them start with love, God, or family. West thought that all the people of the world were acting like his fiancé wasn’t the most beautiful woman of all time. He’d go on to say that he thought she was arguably the most beautiful woman in human existence, or at least the top 10. West was frustrated that those weren’t the conversations people started, because he didn’t care what type of jacket his fiancé’s got on.

Martinez would ask West if he had any time to relax. He responded that “his girl” tried to set him up with Deepak Chopra. But Kanye felt it would be mediating him out of his ideas. He insisted he wouldn’t be sedated and what really calms him down is success.

Kanye West did have some nice words to say about Disney CEO, Bob Iger. West called him the most powerful man in media. West had been asking Iger to come and see his concerts so Disney could see that he’s a nice guy and their brands would be a fit. Iger has told West in the past that the two brands don’t mix. Kanye would go on to ask Martinez for an example of when has he done bad or talked down to someone. All West wants is to influence people and be recognized in this lifetime.

Kanye would go on to make comments aimed toward the sportswear giant, Nike. He recently designed a shoe called the Yeezys for Nike, that the rap star compared to the iconic Nike Jordans. When West asked for royalties from Nike, Nike denied him because he is not a professional athlete. A retort that fired up Kanye West to lose his mind and say that he goes to the Garden and plays one-on-no-one, which makes him a performance athlete.

At SiriusXM, Sway Calloway would ask West about his thoughts on fashion. Kanye would compare himself to Disney, Nike, Google, Shakespeare in the flesh, the Medici family and Andy Warhol. He insisted that he was going to be the “Tupac of clothing.”

With Kanye West staying calm for a while, it was only a matter of time before he’d turn up the heat once again and seemingly lose his mind. Most that listened to the New York radio interviews with the passionate rapper, may have been left with them thinking that he actually did lose his mind.

By Brent Matsalla

Entertainment Weekly
Hollywood Reporter

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