Kim Kardashian – Why Is She Still Relevant?

Kim Kardashian

Does anyone else think Kim Kardashian is a bad influence on today’s youths? Particularly teenage girls and even in some cases younger girls. Now I’m all for people doing what they want with their life and their body, but in Kim’s case, she’s someone who in the past couple years has become an idol for relatively no good reason other than strong marketing for her brand. My beef with this is that she now has a strong voice in America, when she speaks, people listen. Although she has done nothing with this voice other than over-promote sexuality, which is influencing too many young girls who latch on and are dressing inappropriately.

Let’s water Kim Kardashian and her career down to what it really is. She is an extremely attractive model who’s story went viral due to some lewd behavior that was videotaped with Ray J. From there her brand went mainstream and with the help of some celebrity friends she acquired, and the silly reality TV show she started, she herself is now a full blown celebrity, for basically nothing. She has brought no real entertainment to anyone’s life, but rather has just gotten by based on the family name, and because her social media accounts blew up in popularity, she has remained in the public eye even when she’s introduced nothing worth-while to the entertainment industry other than some sexy photographs.

I personally am completely boggled with America’s fascination with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and other reality TV shows about mindless nonsense like Jersey Shore. For starters both have been proven to at least be mildly scripted, and any entertainment value from these shows seems to come from the drama that ensues when everything goes wrong. Which is funny, since majority of the people I know preach about how they hate drama and people who cause it. Yet they’ll go home and consume all the time they aren’t at work, with celebrity drama.

There is such a massive world out there and people focus in on so many ridiculous things that they shouldn’t even concern themselves with. Why not read a book by an unbelievable author like Steven King? Or go watch a live performance of some kind, such a music concert, or sporting event. Pay attention to and indulge in something that can add value to your life, rather than something that just distracts you from all the stress in your life.

When I hear about someone catching up on episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I can’t help but giggle to myself because that involves spending several hours in front of a TV and maybe getting one or two laughs while you watch a cry baby whine about how hard her life is because of how mean the photographers can be to her. Kim is really doing nothing but teaching the youth how not to have a backbone and that you can be successful in life as easily as selling your soul.

As a culture we need to finally get past taking in so much useless information like what Kim Kardashian or Tom Cruise did last weekend because it’s so distracting from your own life that you should be focusing on. There’s been decent reality shows, but any show completely revolving around following someone’s daily life, just because they are a person in society some  look up highly to, is stupid and ridiculous. Producers should be trying to make shows that are entertaining but also have value to be worth watching, rather than throwing Kim Kardashian at the front of a TV show’s name and making the big bucks strictly off of her reputation.

By Brandon Webb

Daily Mail

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