Xbox One Changing Home Entertainment Forever [Video]

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Xbox One is now out—and sold out! This long awaited device is fast becoming one of Microsoft’s best decisions. When it comes to home entertainment, Xbox One will change it forever. Get rid of multiple, power-wasting devices and will never miss out on a thing.

One of the biggest ways that this games console beats everything else is by allowing viewers to watch TV and receive notifications instantly. When someone wants to Skype, a notification shows up at the bottom of the screen. If a friend pops up on Xbox Live, the user is notified and can join in with a game. There is no need to go back to the console, plug it in and wait for it to load up. Everything is already there waiting.

There is no need for a DVD or Blu-Ray player anymore. The new Xbox will play everything. This is very different from every other console out on the market right now and is the solution to many gamers’ problems. The next step for Microsoft is to create something that has 3D Blu-Ray player capability but that technology is for the future.

Another selling feature is the ability to access the personal Xbox from another Xbox One. When at a friend’s house, a user can log into their own Live account and access everything stored on the SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage. However, there is a limitation to this. It only works for downloaded games and anything stored on the cloud. Games that require a disc will still need a disc to play from anywhere else.

Home entertainment is changed for everyone with an Xbox One thanks to the ability to use it for so much. It is possible to use apps, stream movies and even watch cable TV, as well as play video games. There is something for the whole family, unlike all the other consoles right now. There is voice control too but this can only be activated by the person logged into the console.

Personalizing your gaming experience has never been easier. When you are logged in, you can choose your color scheme and set your favorites. It is really easy to pull up the things that you use on a regular basis and the tabs that you always need easy access to. Not everything can show in the favorites, which is where the albums come in. They store all your movies, music, games, apps and more and it is really easy to find them with voice controls; no more need to search endlessly for something to watch, listen to or play.

Skyping with the family is also fun. When on the computer, a user simply needs to deal with the small camera screen. It’s hard enough to fit on person on the camera sometimes; let alone the whole family. When the Xbox One is connected to the Kinect, there is a larger camera angle. It takes in the whole room, so the whole family can join in. The best party is the camera moves as people move and can zoom in or out.

Microsoft has definitely taken the gaming experience to a new level. More than that, it has changed the home entertainment experience forever with Xbox One. It really is no wonder why so many people want it.

By Alexandria Ingham

PC Mag

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