Twitter: Top 5 Reasons It’s More Reliable Than Facebook

Twitter More Reliable

With the growing popularity of Twitter and Facebook as of late, it is important to question which website is the safest and most useful. With many people posting their daily activities and intimate details of their lives online, this is extremely important to consider. Although there are many more options of activities found on Facebook, here are the top five reasons Twitter is more a more reliable website.

1. Facebook has been caught in privacy lawsuits

Facebook has been charged several times with using users’ personal information in advertisements. This means that the people who manage the website see every little detail of their users’ profile information, no matter how “private” someone makes their settings. Pictures, comments and the like can be taken and used for whatever they want, including but not limited to promotion for their website. Doesn’t sound so safe.

2. Twitter has created new security efforts

Twitter has recently launched a new effort to increase security on their website. They have added a new encryption layers to keep third-parties from being able to spy on Twitter accounts. There have been rumors that the website’s owners and developers have done this as a snub to the NSA, but nonetheless, that can only mean good things for Twitter users. This also means that “phishing” and hacking is increasingly more difficult to do on this social network, keeping passwords safe as well.

3. President of Iran uses Twitter

Maybe this isn’t exactly an outstanding point that should be mentioned in top five reasons Twitter is more reliable than Facebook, but there’s an explanation as to why it’s included. Iran has–for a long time–been almost an enemy to countries like the United States. However, if the president is secure enough to go onto Twitter and give his own opinions without worrying about being spied on, it’s probably safe enough for anyone else. The man isn’t exactly posting selfies on Facebook, is he? In this case, Twitter: 1, Facebook: 0.

4. Twitter is less personal

Socially, Twitter is not known to be a place to post things certain people shouldn’t see. It’s a website for essentially nothing more than status updates, and these status updates are generally public. Twitter is more promotional than anything else. It’s a place to go to get people to see things that the poster has done or written, or attracts consumers to goods. It isn’t widely used for hiding things.

5. Less likely to be hacked.

Because Twitter is less personal, it is less likely that hackers will want to go into it and try to find things out. It is smarter to do things that one wouldn’t want the entire world to see on Twitter, because less people expect there to be anything worth reading on that social network instead of Facebook. Anyone who wants to find out personal information that someone is hiding won’t automatically go to Twitter, because most people assume that everything on that network is public.

While no place on the internet is completely safe, Twitter has taken visible action to keep things private. There are many other reasons, but these in particular at the top five reasons Twitter is more reliable than Facebook.

By: Hend Salah

Red Orbit

USA Today


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