Lady Gaga Hits Number One with ArtPop (Video)

Lady Gaga Hits Number One With ArtPop

Lady Gaga continues with her string of hit albums with her latest, ArtPop, debuting at Number One on the Billboard charts.  It was the third-highest selling album its debut week this year by a female recording artist to hit Number One, selling 258,000 copies. Katy Perry’s Prism (286,000) and Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz (270,000) came in first and second, respectively, in sales their debut weeks (see her video of Applause below, where in a few scenes she wears a seashell bikini, and in others, less than that).

ArtPop is Lady Gaga’s second album to debut at Number One, the first one being Born This Way from 2011. Born This Way sold an impressive 1.1 million copies during its debut week. ArtPop is the fifth album of Lady Gaga’s to debut in the Top Ten on the Billboard charts.

Besides these three women, there are no  other women in 2013 who have sold any more than 150,000 albums in a debut week. Ariana Grande comes the closest, with Yours Truly. It hit Number One during its debut week, selling 138,000 on the Billboard charts of September 21, 2013.

Lady Gaga also hit Number One on the Digital Albums chart with ArtPop. It sold 146,000 downloads, which accounted for 57 percent of the total sales of the album. Included in this amount are a small number (less than 1,000) albums which were sold in H&M clothing stores.

EDM producer DJ Zedd helped out with ArtPop, and predicted that it would be a hit album. Lady Gaga has been promoting her new album on shows such as SNL, which she hosted this past Saturday, and Howard Stern. DJ Zedd said of the album this past summer that he thought it was  “pretty f–cking cool.”  Lady Gaga Hits Number One With ArtPop

Eminem’s album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, was Number One last week, and is at Number Two this week (210,000).

At Number Three on the billboard charts is the new Now 48 compilation of hits album. All of the albums in the Now series that have come before it have made it to the Top Ten, and except for the first one, they have all debuted int the Top Ten. Now 49 will be released on February 4, 2014, and Now 50 is due out in May.

The Robertsons’ (of Duck Dynasty fame) went from the third to fourth spot on the charts with Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas (66,000).

Katy Perry’s Prism slipped from Number Four to Number Five, selling 46,000, and Wrapped Up in Red, Kelly Clarkson’s new Christmas album, stays where it was last week, at Number Six (42,000).

Debuting at Number Seven is the Beatles’ album On Air: Live at the BBC Volume 2. It marks the 31st album of the Beatles to hit the Top Ten.  The Rolling Stones have even more albums that have reached the Top Ten. They have the most Top Ten albums, at 36. Then, Frank Sinatra comes in second, with 32 albums. Barbra Streisand is third, with 32 albums that have hit the Top Ten, the Beatles are Number Four, and Elvis Presley comes in at Number Five with 27 albums that have achieved this status.

Coming in at Number Eight is Sail Out, R&B singer Jhene Aiko’s debut album. Aiko has sang on albums by musical artists such as Drake, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, and J. Cole.

Drake  is at Number Nine on the Billboard charts with his album Nothing Was the Same (33,000). Lorde rounds out the Top Ten with the album Pure Heroine (32,000).

ArtPop has gotten mixed critical reviews, but Lady Gaga’s first song off of it, Applause is doing very well. Lady Gaga is a very talented signer with legions of avid fans, who have helped push her latest album, ArtPop, to Number One on the Billboard charts it debut week.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

Lady Gaga sings Applause — check it out!

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