Chris Brown Back in Rehab, Will He Recover?

chris brown
Chris Brown was sent to Rehab once again

Chris Brown is back in rehab, but will he recover this time? This is not the first time Brown has been sent to rehab and by the looks of things, it won’t be the last. Not too long ago he was released from rehab just to be put right back in. Chris is to spend another three months in a rehab center. He must do drug testing and take prescription medicine from his doctor. During the course of his rehab, he must complete 24 hours of community service weekly.

This young singer must do five years of probation after being convicted in 2009 of assault against Rihanna. Over the past year alone he has been in and out of court. Meanwhile his possible violations are being investigated. Brown barely lasted a month at that treatment center before he was kicked out due to his aggression towards his mother. The reasoning behind his aggression was simply because his mother suggested that Chris should remain in treatment for his anger management.

Authorities were told by Brown that he was suffering from many mental issues including depression. This was due to the fact he must re-do 1,000 hours of community service after a hit and run incident earlier this year. Now that Brown is back in rehab it is unclear as to whether he will ever get back to a normal life and recover from this destruction. Hopes aren’t being held high for this singer simply because it is not the first time he’s been in this type of situation. But his representative told E! News that this young singer will continue with the outpatient treatment with an additional 1,000 hours of community service that was added to his sentence in L.A.

Though he cannot leave California, Chris will be allowed to attend a hearing he has in Washington, D.C. That hearing will be based on his misdemeanor assault charge which inevitably prompted Brown to voluntarily check in to rehab for anger management. He was accused of punching a man who innocently wanted a picture with the singer. Brown wants to gain focus on how his behavior is affecting himself and those around him. By doing so, he will be able to move on and continue his career from a healthier point in his life.

Due to the situation in D.C. it is unclear whether or not District Attorney Mary Murray will ask for his probation to be waived. While Ms. Murray is weighing her options, she requested a report on the incident from the probation department. Mary will then review and discuss it on December 16 which is Brown’s next hearing. Chris is required to attend this hearing. Although Brown is back in rehab, his pending charge in Washington, D.C. may result in a probation violation that could lead to more sanctions against him. This will set back his recovery months behind schedule. He claims he is trying to put his life back together but only time will tell at this point.


By: Anjulina MaComber

USA Today