Last Vegas (Movie Review)

Last VegasLife moves too fast, especially when you are past the prime of your life and vacationing in Las Vegas.  Wrinkles, warts and wardrobe malfunctions can be the norm as you strut the strip in style.  The men of Last Vegas pull it all together and have more to offer than just a few old war stories.  They have lived life and seen it all.  Now is the time to let it all hang out.

Last Vegas, the newly released movie directed by John Turteltaub, is sure to amuse oldsters and confuse youngsters with its puns and pranks.  The film stars Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro and Morgan Freeman, all veteran actors in their own right over the years.  The stand-out, not-so-new guy is a welcome addition to the group as Kevin Kline rounds out the Flatbush Four.Last Vegas

The years roll by as the four buddies find themselves together again.  It is not all fun and games as they get reacquainted and try to bury the hatchet of days gone by.  Good times and memories are relived and recounted.  Anger is stirred up unexpectedly from harbored emotions and regret.  It all takes on a new spin when the neon lights of Las Vegas shine upon their fate.

Last Vegas is full of fun, fashion and forgiveness.  It is full of boobs, butts and barrels of laughs.  The scope of the picture sends a message of unity and friendship.  Beyond the bizarre parade of swimsuits and swingers, the men stay grounded in what is really important.

The movie’s soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and the anticipation is held as the countdown to truth is revealed.  The hilarious antics of the old men seems to be endless with all they accomplish over a two day period.  The men are looking fine for being in their late sixties to mid-seventies.  Age is simply a number and well illustrated in this fun, uplifting tale.

Mary Steenburgen was especially delightful with her husky singing voice and shapely figure.  She plays a strong role in the film, adding dimension and humor.  The cameo and camisoles of David Tutera were both intriguing and interesting.  He never fails to arouse the spice of life.  Fifty-Cent put in his two cents worth, also, but for less than two minutes.

Last Vegas is a gem and could well be just what the doctor ordered to cure all ails of old age.  The delightful, insightful film is entertaining in a funny way.  Seniors seem to know how to spice things up and still appreciate family, good friendships and true love.  Forgiveness is possible even after years of strife and misgivings, as firm foundations never truly part.

The message of the film is reassuring and highly recommended to anyone over the age of childhood.  Growing old is not all that bad.  Gracefully aging with style and integrity is what the movie is all about.  Tough kids seem to mellow with age and appreciate the greater things in life, so they say.  Last Vegas tells a fictional story.  It also serves as a reminder that caring and sharing can bring a laugh or a tear.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  It is all good.

Rating…. Four and a Half stars……Nothing’s perfect!


Review By Roanne H. FitzGibbon



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  1. kevin   November 11, 2013 at 10:43 am

    I love Mary Steenburgen


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