Jennifer Lawrence Receives Fond Words from Liam Hemsworth (Video)

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After dealing with the twerkmare of one Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth is feeling happier and more focused. Hemsworth also shared being around Hunger Games co-star, Jennifer Lawrence has been pretty amazing. He shared, Lawrence was unfiltered with a knack to always bring a laugh. His fondness of discussing Lawrence made some viewers raise their eyebrows. Could a new romance be on the horizon? Check out Hemsworth interview with Jay Leno regarding working with Lawrence.

Hemsworth seems to be walking with a lighter step after the break-up with Cyrus. A toxic brew as the two were always apart and seemingly not too happy being in one another’s presence.  Reports surfaced that Hemsworth cheated on Cyrus while they were together. He was romantically linked with Mad Men starlet January Jones and later linked to Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. Cyrus was done with Hemsworth at that point and took to Twitter advising in so many words, it was time

Hemsworth and Cyrus drifted away from one another
Hemsworth and Cyrus drifted away from one another

to move on. As she was announcing her intention, Hemsworth was reportedly cozening it up with Gonzalez.

Maybe, Cyrus was looking to leave a path of Hemsworth’s broken heart, but it seems she actually released a more content Hemsworth brother to a slew of ladies, happy to grab him up. Currently, Hemsworth is not linked to anyone romantically, speculation remains if he and Gonzalez were an official pair. Now, with his words regarding Lawrence, many fans are wondering if the co-stars will find love on the set. Perhaps, it was those same words that made Nicholas Hoult step up to plate.

Formerly known as one the hottest couples in Hollywood, Hoult and Lawrence called it off in January of this year. The long-distance relationship put a strain on the young couple they could not endure. It seems now, Hoult is stepping back into Lawrence’s life. Reportedly, the couple have been seeing one another since July and are back on, hot and heavy. Oddly enough, the two are for some unstated reason, trying to keep their love under wraps.

This leaves some Hemsworth and Lawrence fans sighing. Speaking to a reported “Hemsworthmanic” on Facebook, Lisa R. revealed her thoughts, “they would be super cute together. Down to earth and you can tell Liam is really into her!” If movie trailers are any indication, the kiss between the two stars was pretty heated, although Lawrence previously claimed kissing on set is never sexy. Only time will tell if fiction becomes reality with a love triangle.

Hoult is a rising, young actor in Hollywood. He may be recognizable as Skins character, Tony Stonem. He is also slated to return in the next X-Men: Days of Future Past flick as Hank McCoy/Beast. The power couple reuniting may just toss Hemsworth’s fond thoughts aside. For now, the Hollywood hottie doesn’t seem to be in a rush to enter another long-term relationship.

The Empire State star has a busy year ahead with production beginning on Parts I and II of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay  to start next year. Hunger Games: Catching Fire raked in an amazing $25.3 million during its first evening of release. Numbers may not be fully calculated until the close of the weekend.

Hemsworth is enjoying the rush of his rising star, and is beyond the saga called Miley. In addition, he seems to have a great friend in co-star Lawrence, whom he refers to fondly regarding their kinship and his acceptance of her raunchy jokes. Romance may not be on the horizon for these two stars, but fans can always dream!

Could this HG: Catching Fire Screenshot become a reality between the stars?
Could this HG: Catching Fire screenshot become a reality between the stars?

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