Missing Oklahoma Family, Demons and Drugs

Missing Oklahoma Family, Demons and Drugs
The discovery Saturday of human remains in a remote area of the San Bois Mountains in Oklahoma may mark another chapter in a tale of drugs, demons and family that disappeared without a trace more than four years ago.

Hunters discovered the human skeletons in a rugged region of Latimer County. Whilst these remains have yet to be identified, they are all that is left of two adults and a child, fuelling speculation that the Jamison family – Bobby, Sherilynn and their 6-year-old daughter Madyson, met their end in this lonely spot. The Jamisons were last seen on October 8, 2009 in the little town of Red Oak. They were looking at plots of land in the area and planning to move there from their Eufaula home. The circumstances of their disappearance have never been explained. A number of theories persist, but, whatever the real story, the last years of the Jamisons tell a bizarre tale of demons, drugs, lawsuits and mysterious behavior.

Bobby Dale Jamison, who was 44 at the time of his disappearance, stood over six feet tall and had chronic back problems, said to be a result of a car accident. Sherilynn Leighann Jamison was 40 when she went missing. Like Bobby, Sherilynn did not work because of a disability. They lived with their daughter in a house on Eufaula Lake and were not generally thought of as a troubled couple. The Latimer County Sheriff at that time was Israel Beauchamp, who had said, after investigators inquired into the Jamisons’ past, that there “doesn’t appear to be any signs that they were in trouble or looking to start a new life.”

Drug abuse or drug-dealing has been spoken of, in connection to the Jamisons, although these suspicions from the significant amount of cash recovered from Booby’s GMC pickup, found by hunters eight days after the family vanished, their starving dog locked inside. Additionally, the adult Jamisons are said to have begun exhibiting increasingly strange behavior. There was, however, no evidence that the couple were involved with drugs.

Drugs were not the only element of the mystery that surrounds the Jamisons, however; talk of demons was part of a bizarre twist. Eufaula pastor Gary Brandon told police investigators that Bobby told him he saw “two to four spirits on the roof” of their home. On a separate occasion, Sherilynn told Brandon she and little Madyson had seen the spirits inside the house. Apparently, Sherilynn believed that she had the power to exorcise these demons. Brandon also said that Bobby had once told him that he was reading the “satanic bible.” The drugs and demons served to shroud the fate of the Jamison family in speculation, but nothing is certain, other than that they set off to look at plots of land and were never seen again.

Madyson Jamison
Madyson Jamison was six when she disappeared with her parents

The white pickup belonging to Bobby Jamison was found on a well-pad on land near Red Oak. Inside the vehicle, apart from the dog, was SheriLynn’s purse, Bobby’s  wallet and other items that suggested that when the Jamisons left their truck, they intended on returning to it; a cellphone coats and an envelope or bag containing a large amount of cash – reported by some sources to be in the amount of $32,000. The investigating agencies have taken care to avoid drawing definite conclusions. “A lot of investigators would love to have as many leads as we do.” Sheriff Beauchamp told reporters,  “The problem is they point in so many different directions.”

The Jamisons had a large container on their property and it was believed that they planned to put it on the plot of land they intended to buy and then live inside it. It has also been reported that Madyson was pulled out of school shortly before the disappearance and that the Jamisons were engaged in legal action against the school. Bobby was also allegedly fighting his father in court over ownership of a gas station in Oklahoma city. Again, there is nothing linking the events.

The Jamisons disappeared without a trace after they got out of their truck. It is possible that they were forced out but, again, there is no evidence of that. The items left in the truck could suggest abduction but could also suggest that they voluntarily left the vehicle and were planning to not be gone long. There is no proven connection between drugs and their disappearance, just as there is no proven connections to demons. The case, however, has not been solved. A huge search operation was organized, but eventually scaled back and subsequently called off; defeated by hostile terrain, inclement weather, the looming hunting season and the failure to find any further clues – this, despite the extensive effort that was put into the search.

The human skeletons found Saturday were less than three miles from where Bobby’s truck was found. It is as yet unclear when test results will enable the bones to be identified. If the remains are identified as being those of the Jamisons, it may or may not be another step toward solving the mystery of what happened to this Oklahoma family; supposedly haunted by demons, at times paranoid and often carrying large sums of cash. No other clues appear to have been discovered at the scene and there is no word that the bones have yielded any indications as to what became of these people.


By Graham J Noble

Investigation Discovery
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

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  1. Lorilee Bucci   March 9, 2019 at 10:31 pm

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and may come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you continue your great posts, have a nice afternoon!

  2. Mindy   March 26, 2014 at 6:38 am

    I disagree, demons are definantly real. Through the years I have seen several. Some appear as shadows. I was always wide awake when I seen them. I don’t watch scary movies or read such books. On 2 different occasions I have seen them & believe me they were as real looking as you & I. I followed one & he turned, looked at me, knew I had seen him, turned & disappeared into the crowd. No one else with me was able to see these supernatural beings at the time I seen them. I am a very rational, sane person & take this very seriously. I know I am not crazy or dillusional. I do not drink,smoke or do drugs. At first my fear was great. And that’s the key, they fed off fear. When I seen the ones that did not look like a spirit but looked solid. I was not afraid, but very curious.
    Again the key is not to show fear. Which I know is very, very hard. Because it goes against everything we are taught. And they do bring fear with them.

    • Larry Tucker   March 26, 2014 at 8:18 am


      You didn’t visit my site and read about Subliminal Distraction. Fear is one common outcome of exposure you can have almost anywhere. Vince Foster who committed suicide in the Clinton administration was so afraid that his wife said she had to get in bed and hold him so he could sleep.

      Seeing “spirits” is a hallucination. The risk is that like the Jamison family acting out the delusions Subliminal Distraction causes will lead to an accidental death. If it causes you to hallucinate an unsolvable, unbearable situation you can be a suicide before the episode would spontaneously remit after exposure stops.

      Pictures of Malaysia Air Captain Shah sitting using his flight simulator show he incorrectly designed it for where he intended to use it. When he began to have an episode it caused him to hijack flight MH370 and kill 239 people.

      Because Subliminal Distraction exposure happens in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousnesses you can’t experience any thing happening to you. When the episode begins with hallucinations they seem part of your normal thought processes.

  3. L K Tucker   November 21, 2013 at 7:50 am

    The family had claimed to see spirits on their roof. He had tried to buy bullets to kill the spirits. That and the fact that they were functioning normally otherwise says they were having a Subliminal Distraction on going episode.

    The simple explanation is that one of them had a severe Subliminal Distraction attack while at the property and convinced the others to run away from the delusional threat. They may have wandered miles over days before ending up just that short distance from the truck. Heavy rain in the area washed away evidence or scent trails.

    NOT MENTAL ILLNESS, explained in first semester psychology under subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes, engineers in the USA discovered the problem in 1968. The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for a concentrating knowledge worker to stop it in offices by 1968. Believed to happen only in incorrectly designed offices, and to cause a harmless temporary episode of psychotic-like confusion, As an engineering/design problem it is known only by a tiny number of engineers.

    In nine years of my project I found a single doctor, psychiatrist, who said he had seen the episodes from offices when he was in residency. Everyone aware of it believes the episodes are transient and harmless.

    When it happened to my wife she heard voices and had depressive crying episodes about impossible delusional situations she hallucinated. I study it as the cause of college suicides.


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