Mississippi Family Disappeared After Car Wreck [UPDATE]

Copiah County Sheriff's Department

Mississippi Family of 3 are missing

A Mississippi family of three has disappeared after an apparent car crash. Authorities have located the family’s SUV but have no idea what happened to its occupants.

According to Sheriff Harold Jones of Copiah County, the family’s SUV was found Saturday morning upside down in a ditch in Hermanville, Mississippi.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported that Atira Hill, her husband Laterry Smith and her 7-year-old son, Jaidon, were last seen Friday driving their SUV.

Hill’s mother, Judith Hughes, said she is praying and holding hard to her faith that she will see her missing daughter and her oldest grandson, Jaidon, again. She described her grandson as a typical 7-year-old. None of the family’s loved ones or family members have seen them since the weekend.

Sheriff Deputies from Copiah County received a call on Saturday morning about a car that was burning in a rural area. When they arrived to the scene the saw what appeared to be the aftermath of an accident. All they found was a tan colored Dodge SUV, off the side of the road, overturned in a ditch.

The SUV was still smoking but no one was in or around it. The left front fender was damaged and the sunroof was broken; the truck was lying on its top.

Initially, police thought the owners might have set it on fire in order to avoid making payments for the SUV. Jones said this happens frequently in the western portion of Copiah County. They quickly realized this was not likely the case.

Investigators ran the SUV’s license plates and learned who it was registered to. They then reached out to relatives of the missing family.

On Monday investigators found evidence relative to the case in an outside dumpster on the property of a south Jackson gas station. Reportedly they found a photo identification card but have not said who it belongs to. They also found items of clothing belonging to the family; some tattered and covered in blood.

Hughes said the last time she spoke to her daughter was when she received a call from her late Saturday night. She informed her mother that she had to leave town, immediately, for a few days.

Hughes said she sensed something was wrong and asked her why she would have to leave at that time of night. Her daughter simply told her that something came up. Hughes started to show real concern and kept asking her daughter if she was ok but Hill said repeatedly everything was alright and she was okay.

Uncomfortable with that answer Hughes offered to keep her grandson over the weekend while Hill would be away but her daughter declined and told her they were already on the road.

Hughes says the conversation ended abruptly when Hill’s cell phone died. Hughes suspected that something was not right and her family was in some sort of danger but she had no idea what it could be. She tried calling her daughter back but her call went to voice mail, and then, just went dead.

Officials searched the entire area where the car was found as well as hospitals within the area. There have been no signs of the missing family.

Law enforcement said they still don’t have a clue where the family could have disappeared to. They did confirm that they had some people to talk to but currently haven’t been able to locate them either.

A picture of Jaidon has been posted on the Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website; in hopes of bringing national attention to the search for the child and his missing family.

According to the website Laterry Smith weighs 180 pounds and is 5 feet 8 inches tall with brown eyes and black hair; Atira Hill weighs 148 pounds and is 5 feet tall with brown eyes and hair; and their son Jaidon weighs 44 pounds and is 3 feet tall with brown eyes and black hair.

Several different law enforcements are aggressively searching for a Mississippi family of three; the family disappeared after an apparent car crash. Anyone with information about this missing Mississippi family should immediately contact the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department.



What many have feared has come true for Atira Hill, Laterry Smith and Jaidon Hill.  The bodies of  this family of three were found on Tuesday in a secluded, abandoned house just 40 miles southwest of Jackson, Mississippi.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has arrested suspect 42-year-old  Timothy Lydell Burns Tuesday in Jackson, Mississippi. Burns led authorities to the house where the bodies were found.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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