New York Father and Sons Found Shot to Death

New York Father and Sons Found Shot to Death


In upstate New York, a father and his two sons, age 13 and age 9, were found shot to death and police investigators were searching through their town using both air units as well as canines for a woman that is related to the three males. She is also thought to be injured, said state police on Thursday.

The father, who was identified as Abbas Lodhi, age 49, and one of his sons were discovered in a parked automobile at an A & P grocery store located in the town of Pleasant Valley. This was about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, stated Captain John Ryan. Captain Ryan works for the New York State Police investigative unit in Dutchess County, New York.

After the two bodies had been found, detectives went to investigate at the family home and discovered the other boy,  also deceased.

The two sons were acknowledged as Zain Lodhi, age 9, and Mugthba Lodhi, age 13. The authorities did not directly state which child was found at which locality.

Michael Piccione, who had a son who was a close friend of Zain Lodhi, stated that the youngest child always acted like a peacemaker. He was constantly the one who never wanted anyone else to get into any fights.

Captain Ryan stated that it was believed a shotgun have been used in the killings and was discovered in the car. The captain refused to say whether the deaths were the consequence of a murder-suicide, but instead called them a “family tragedy” and said there is no concern toward the public’s safety at this time, repeating there is no threat to any of Pleasant Valley’s citizens.

However, there is a fourth member of the family, Sarwat Lodhi, age 43, who was still missing Thursday night. Investigators believe she was also a victim and may have been hurt as well. They refuse to say how they think she was injured or how she is related to the family, except she was an immediate member, although it is allegedly believed she is the mother of the two deceased boys. Police continue to look for her because they fear she might need medical attention.

Captain Ryan said there is no motive so far and that it is one of the most tragic things he has ever been witness to. He explained that he has two boys himself and that it was very emotional to have seen what happened to those two children. He said he could not even put it into words how awful it was for the entire New York police force that came in contact with the crime scene.

Pleasant Valley is a small town that is located about 75 miles north of New York City. It has around 9,000 residents.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said that the most important thing the town needed to do right now was to come together and attempt to work through such a horrible tragedy.

In New York, such a horror as a father and sons found shot to death can only hopefully bring a small town closer.


By Kimberly Ruble

NBC News

FOX News

San Francisco Gate

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  1. Syed   November 23, 2013 at 9:14 am

    In another news item, the body of the body of Sarwat Lodhi has been found and about 13 miles away. One boy’s body was at home and one boy’s body was with body of father away from home. It makes no sense for murder suicide, who drove the older boy to home? Who drove the woman to a place 13 miles away? Who drove the pharmacist and his younger boy in a different place?

    Does the finding of a shot gun next to the father and younger son incriminate the father as the killer? NO!

    But there is nobody to question the decision of the police, calling it whatever they do.


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