New Zealand Vampire Fish Spawning Grounds Discovered

Lampreys Are Endangered

NZ vampire fish are lampreys

The “vampire” fish could easily be a creature out of Alien. The spawning grounds of a New Zealand “vampire” fish, known as the lamprey, have been found off of Canterbury’s Banks Peninsula, in the South Island of New Zealand. Needless to say, the lamprey is a frightening looking fish but scientists are ecstatic about their discovery, because this is the first ever location of the lamprey’s spawning site. This fish loves to play hide and seek (well, it hides, mostly), living in the sea, rivers and lakes.

The lamprey has been endangered in New Zealand due to (who else?) humans, but is this surprising, considering its horrifying appearance? It has no jaws, and its body is shaped like a funnel. It has gnarly teeth in the back of its mouth. The lamprey looks like an eel but it’s really a fish. It holds special significance to the Maori people of New Zealand because it is a taonga species, belonging to a group of native animals, birds and plants that holds special importance to Maoris. The Maori also consider the lamprey a major source of food.

Despite the lamprey’s scary appearance, it’s considered an important food source in the wild also, so bringing them back from extinction would bring balance to the ecosystem in New Zealand, according to the United Nations’ Fisheries and Aquaculture Department.

It took scientists two years to uncover the New Zealand “vampire” fish spawning grounds. Scientists Cindy Baker and Tyler Buchinger were seeking the elusive lamprey in New Zealand when they discovered three nesting sites in the Southern Hemisphere, an area where the lamprey had never been seen before.

There are lampreys in the Northern Hemisphere but they differ from their southern relations in that they hide and mate in riverbeds while the southern lampreys lay their eggs underneath boulders and rocks, therefore making it difficult for the scientists to find.

Now that the spawning grounds of this New Zealand “vampire” fish have been discovered, it may possibly be taken off the endangered species list.

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