Obamacare Tops the CMA Awards

CMA Awards, Obamacare It looks like President Barack Obama has lost the redneck vote over Obamacare with the highest received performance at last night’s CMA awards  when Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood making fun of Obamacare. Yup, right there on national television and it brought the house down. Now we all know Barack Obama probably is not a big fan of country music or rednecks, after all didn’t he once say something about people who cling to their guns and religion so what does it prove?

One thing it proves is that people, common, ordinary Americans are no longer falling for the lies they were told about Obamacare, such as the biggest “You can keep your current Healthcare plan, period.” Even though the President insists there was an “unless” attached, you could keep it only if it met the requirements of Obamacare, however there doesn’t seem to be any clip, video or audio, which proves he actually said this.

Maybe it isn’t important if he lost the redneck vote, or even if he is losing some of his other supporters, what is important is he looks like he is losing his friends in the mainstream media. Last week The Washington Post gave Obama four Pinocchios on his pledge. In fact the Post doesn’t even believe it is the insurance companies’ fault, a claim made by chief propagandist Jay Carney on Tuesday, giving him three Pinocchios for that one.

At the CMA awards Paisley and Underwood sang a parody about Obamacare, with the last line being how only six people have signed up for the insurance so far. This is another thing which the White House just can’t seem to answer, just how many people have actually signed up? We have heard numbers of how many people have used (used being a relative term since it the website still does not appear to be working correctly) the website but no one can tell us how many people have actually been successful in signing up.

What really matters in this debate is how will it affect the 2014 mid-term elections? In Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, the democratic favorite Terry McAuliffe almost lost to the republican challenger, VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  McAuliffe had a double digit lead until Cuccinelli jumped on the problems with Obamacare and caught up. Cuccinelli told Fox News’ Sean Hannity the election was “a referendum on Obamacare.” Even Democrats are starting to warn President Obama to fix the problems with Obamacare or they could lose their seats. There are 16 Democratic Senators who will be up for reelection next year and only six of them need to lose for the democrats to lose the majority. One of the things they are calling for is that Obama take ownership of the problems, something he has yet to do.

Maybe Barack Obama doesn’t care about the CMA awards or  what the rednecks think, maybe he doesn’t like the fact that they cling to their guns and religion, and maybe it doesn’t matter to him since he isn’t running for reelection, but it will matter to the Democrats who could lose their seats in 2014 because of this insurance debacle. If the Democrats lose control of both houses, Obamacare will be finished. Maybe the CMA awards aren’t important, the real test will come at next year’s Oscars, then we will really see if Obama has lost the country.

Commentary by: Paul Roy


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