Persona 5 Finally Announced for the PlayStation 3 [Video]

Persona 5 finally announced

Two years after the release of the PlayStation 3 Atlus came out with Persona 4 for the PlayStation 2. Less than a month after the PlayStation 4, Atlus has officially announced that Persona 5 will come out for the PlayStation 3. If all goes as planned we will receive the next numbered installment of the Persona series winter of 2014.

Atlus makes many games under the title Shin Megami Tensei, Persona being one of them but most recognize the series simply as Persona. That being said, Persona is not directly connected to the non-Persona Shin Megami Tensei games. Persona 3 was the first Persona game to reach the PlayStation 2 and it left a heavy impact, so much so that Atlus made an enhanced version of the game called Persona 3 FES that came out on the PlayStation 2 as well as the PlayStation Portable. This version was more like an expansion or directors cut that included a number of small additional features as well as an added epilogue.

The darkened theme of Persona 3

Persona 4 also performed incredibly well, warranting an expansion as well. The expansion was called Persona 4 The Golden and came out for the PlayStation Vita. Fans loved the game so much that Persona 4 began to appear in different areas resulting in music soundtracks, plays, and an entirely new fighting game called Persona 4 Arena.

Although Persona 3 and Persona 4 have similar themes they both go about it them in very different manners, Persona 3 feels like a dark forgotten mess while Persona 4 is more like an episode of Scooby Doo. What Atlus intends to do with Persona 5 is certainly up in the air still as fans are anxiously awaiting more details.

Persona 4 being silly

Now that Persona has strong fan base Atlus has the opportunity to do bigger and better things, and they are. Persona 4 Arena is receiving a sequel, Atlus has announced a Persona game for the 3DS called Persona Q that includes characters from multiple Persona games, and of course the announcement of Persona 5.

The trailer for Persona 5 can be found at the bottom of this article. It is very short and leaves us with few details to examine. The theme may be more dark consider the background is entirely red. By the end of the trailer five chairs are present, each with a shackle attached meaning there will probably be a total of five party members. The text says, “You are slave. Want emancipation?” which leaves one to wonder if freedom will play a big role. In Persona 3 freedom of the persona comes at the price of raising a gun to one’s head. The last detail to consider is the fact that by the end of the trailer each chair has a shadow behind it that was not their previously, probably connected to the shadows in past Persona games; facing yourself truly is a struggle, one this title will likely include.

Very few details are currently known about the next numbered installment of the Persona series but we do know that it will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in winter of 2014. For now we wait for more details. Screenshots and trailers will be posted when they become known.

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