PlayStation 4 Launch Date Coming Soon

Playstation 4

PlayStation 4 launches on November 15 after five years in development and with ten times the processing power of PlayStation 3. The gaming world has begun weighing in on the device, expressing both pleasure and complaint.  While all of the details for the PlayStation 4 won’t be available until next Friday, a lot of information is already known.

The Cost
The new PlayStation 4 is set to retail at $399 in the U.S.  It will then make its European debut on November 29, 2013, retailing for the amount of €399.99.

The Box
When you purchase PlayStation 4, the following items are in the box:

  • PlayStation 4 Device
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • DualShock 4 Controller with micro-USB charger

It’s important to note that PlayStation 4 only works with the HMDI cable and the cable does not operate as well with older televisions.  Also, if you purchase an additional DualShock 4 controller separately it does not include a charger and will retail for $59.99.

The Hard Drive
PlayStation 4 comes with a 500GB hard drive. While this might seem more than sufficient, the average next-generation game takes up about 40GB of drive and all games must be saved to the hard drive via disc for a smooth gaming experience.  An external drive does not work with the new PlayStation 4, but the existing hard drive can be swapped out for a larger one.

The Games
A total of 23 games will be available on November 15 when PlayStation 4 launches. Exclusive to the device will be Killzone: Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack. Big triple-A games, which are available across all platforms, will have upgrades for the holiday season including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4.  SONY has also promised future versions of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV and Minecraft.

The Share Button
The new PlayStation 4 controller has a Share button which has allows players to share moments of their game play with friends facilitated through partnership with various major social media networks.  The device also has a function which records 15 minutes of play which can then even be edited via the console’s tools.  Live streaming of game play is available through UStream and Twitch.

The Patch
A patch must be installed the day you get the device. It will unlock the ability to stream to PlayStation Vita, share games online and download games in the background.  The patch is about 300MB and also allows the device to play DVDs and Blu-Rays. You can request a disc to enable playing DVDs and Blu-Rays, if you don’t wish to connect the device to the internet.

The Fee
PlayStation Plus is a membership service purchased on an annual basis.  While it offered free game downloads and discounted games for PlayStation 3, membership is now required to play PlayStation 4 games online with your friends.  It offers other perks like 1GB of cloud saves and automatic downloads of game updates while console is suspended.

Rumors in the gaming world set the device’s pre-order figure at approximately 1.5 million.  The rest of PlayStation 4’s capabilities and actual sales numbers will finally be revealed when the console launches on November 15.

By J.S. Brinkley

Rolling Stone

NBC News



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