Thor 2 Says I’ll Be Back Soon

Thor 2 Says I'll Be Back Soon
Thor 2 says I’ll be back soon. Not in an Austrian accent, but a cool, calm British accent – like Bond, James Bond.  In fact, Thor 2, starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman is in theaters now, as it debuted yesterday in most cinemas across the country.

Unfortunately, the early reviews are not showering Thor 2 with praise.  The most frustrating aspect of the film for these reviewers seem to be the formulaic plot, the lack of development of the main plot leading to repitition, and the upsetting lack of Loki moments. By the way; Loki is never low key.

The film has gotten some embarrassingly negative reviews, which use words like “filler,” and phrases like, “tacky 3-D effects.”  Most critical fans are also disappointed by the lack of screen time for the bad guy we love to hate, the antagonist Loki.

Speaking of Loki; he stole so much of the movie’s scenes that a prankster took a picture of Thor embracing Loki, and one foreign newspaper ran with the photo in seemingly ignorant bliss.  The meaning of such a picture is not lost on those reviewers who pined for more Loki participation in the film, even though he is locked up most of the time.

Is Thor’s character enough to carry Thor 2?  Even Thor’s emotional blockades don’t give him much depth, and both Thor and Thor 2 “lack actual drama and trauma,” reported Kate Erbland.

We want Thor 2 to be Thor’s big comeback, but do not take Loki away from the evil spotlight! Hiddleston plays Loki as divinely devilish as ever, critics said. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hit upon the idea of reusing the villain that would unite the Avengers and solve their concerns about the use of a cosmic character like Thor, since his colleagues in crime fighting were somewhat based in reality.  Thor carries a big hammer, but Loki carries a much more effective “big stick.”

Thor 2 has a few scenes following the end of the movie, so if you are an avid credit watcher, stay put for more fun.  Then you can brag to those friends who missed these scenes.

At San Diego’s Comic Con, a famous venue for science fiction and mythology fans, “Free Loki” T-shirts and “Loki Is My King” signs overran the conference area.  Hiddleston even surprised moviegoers; attending the movie at an AMC theater in Times Square before a Disney/New York Daily News co-sponsored screening of Thor: the Dark World for a pair of children’s charities on Halloween.  The audience was thrilled.

Thor 2 is back, as promised.  If the viewer can just sit back with their popcorn and enjoy a movie that fits the super-hero formula and provides laughter to boot, that viewer will enjoy the ride, as formulaic as it may be.  These days we ask a lot of our superheros;  3D, special effects and a possible romance for good measure.  On that score, the fan of Thor two has nothing to fear.


By Lisa M Pickering



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  1. Kelly Scott   November 9, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the story Lisa!


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