Pokémon Wonder Trade: Beware of ‘Bad Eggs’

Pokemon Wonder Trade Bad Eggs

Players of Pokémon X and Y are in a panic this weekend.  Rumors have been going around that those who are using Pokémon Wonder Trade may become victims of a new hack which creates “bad eggs” in the recipient’s game.

If you are new to Pokémon and X and Y, Wonder Trade is a new feature found in these games which allows you to trade Pokémon with other random players.  There is absolutely no guarantee what you will receive back from the other player and you don’t know what you are getting until the trade is in progress.  Many players find it fun for this reason since it allows them to expand their Pokédex with many new and exciting Pokémon.  Unfortunately, many may now shy away from making Wonder Trades because they may get a nasty surprise at the end: bad eggs.

According to a post made on Bulbagarden, a popular Pokémon fansite, when people try to trade hacked Pokémon, they appear as bad eggs in the recipient’s game.  These bad eggs cannot be released or traded away; they will keep multiplying until all of your boxes are filled.  But, it gets worse.  They will also delete your existing Pokémon and replace them with bad eggs.  “Trade at your own risk,” warns the post.

The problem may be due to a new pokémon editing tool which was just released to the public by a hacker who goes by the name codemonkey85 on a site called GBAtemp.  It appears that the pokémon created by this tool may be causing the bad eggs to be created whenever someone trades one of them in Pokémon Wonder Trade.  Whether the creator of the tool did this by accident or with malicious intent is uncertain, but it appears that it was probably unintentional.  At the time of the publication of this article, the problems with Wonder Trade were not being discussed on the GBATemp forum or linked to the tool.  However, the timing does seem suspicious.  The tool was just released on October 30th.

Some feel that this problem may be a result of the fact that documentation is now online telling people just what to do to edit a pokémon’s attributes.  It was only a matter of time, they say, before people would begin to hack the X and Y games.  Now someone has released a tool for editing pokémon and it seems to have already lead to problems.

Hacking Pokémon X and Y seem to be quite a popular trend.  Just recently a hacker uncovered several pokémon hidden inside the game, include mega evolutions of Latios and Latias and some legendaries.  These pokémon were intended to be released to the public in special events until the hacker exposed them first.  While some players were excited about seeing the new pokémon, others were disappointed that they had been revealed prematurely.

The official Pokémon X and Y site does not appear to have many any announcements yet about the new bad egg hack found in Wonder Trade.

Written by:  Nancy Schimelpfening


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