Police Report – Man Used Taser On Wife After Packers-Bears Bet

The Packers and Bears rivalry took a new twist when a husband tased his wife as part of a wager on the game.
The Packers and Bears rivalry took a new twist when a husband tased his wife as part of a wager on the game.

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears rekindled the oldest rivalry in professional football on Monday Night but a couple of fans with a taser showed that even old rivalries can still take a new twist.

One of the most storied and intense rivalries in the National Football League and the sporting world as a whole, it is always a big deal in the midwest when the Packers and Bears square off. Many couples in the region are perfectly compatible on everything but their football allegiance. A husband in one such couple actually carried through with his reward for the Bears win, using a taser on his wife’s buttocks after the game.

John Grant, a devoted Chicago Bears fan, stopped to watch the game at a bar with his wife Nicole, an equally diehard Green Bay Packers fan, where they made the interesting wager.

Later while smoking cigarettes in an alley, John used a taser he had brought on Virginia to carry out the consequence of their wager.

Just before 1 am on Tuesday, the Dodge County Communications Center received a call from Nicole who reported that she had been tased.

The next morning John was charged with possession of an electric weapon, a felony that could carry up to a six year prison sentence.

John told police that he purchased his taser in Virginia and did not realize that it was illegal to possess the weapon in Wisconsin.

John also stated that his wife consented to the use of the taser following the conclusion of the Packers and Bears game. He provided a text message on her phone to her children explaining the bet, as well as a video of her laughing about the wager before he carried through with the consequence.

Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone during the Bears victory may have stolen the headlines, but a married couple using a taser on each other is a new twist for this storied rivalry.

Charlie Gille

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