Rob Ford Apologizes for Derogatory Remarks

Rob Ford

Rob Ford apologized for derogatory remarks with his somber looking wife at his side. The apology was for offering oral sex to a female staff member on live TV. Gender inequality in the workplace is an issue that has been battled for years, including wages and mannerism. Rob Ford illustrates that women are still not valued with as high a regard as men because it is almost certain that he would not have spoken in such an offensive way to one of his male colleagues. His poor attitude towards women has been reaffirmed through his active role with prostitutes and escorts. His regard to women lacks respect and his actions show that he perceives them as little more than objects for personal satisfaction.

The language towards his female colleague was disparaging and displayed ¬†an opinion of self-importance. It was a way out of line for him to belittle her in such a vulgar manner, as he asked to “eat out her p***y”. The 44-year-old only rubs at the stain on his reputation as he denies these offenses with further vulgarity, stating he has “more than enough to eat at home”. To hear these types of comments smeared with such offensive and crude connotations, coming from the mouth of someone in such a superior position – has drawn attention to the impropriety of Ford and whether he has the right to uphold his status. Ford, was recently, publicly admonished after admitting to smoking crack cocaine and drunk driving.

If Rob Ford thought his authority as mayor excluded him from the collective rules of morality and the law, then he was highly mistaken. Although, Ford apologized for his derogatory remarks he has rightly been stripped of some of his power in a 39-3 vote. In addition, conversations regarding his remaining powers of authority have began to gather. However, he has refused to step aside causing public annoyance.  Fortunately for Ford, he can not be removed unless he is convicted of a crime.

Ford has lashed out and is threatening to take legal action against his critics. He has claimed that he is seeking professional help for his problem with alcohol. This immediate response is similar to the many celebrities and people of importance who claim to get professional help; later showing it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The majority of rehab or therapy sessions are short-lived and only attended to because of incidents made public.

Ford’s claims are beginning to take the shape of a scapegoat in order to try and excuse his juvenile behavior, which is reinforced as he still claims that he is not an addict. This claim confirms a sense of denial to his alcohol problem and other issues now coming to the surface. Studies have been proven that until someone is willing to accept they have a problem they are unable to manage or overcome the problem. Therefore, if Ford is receiving help for an addiction to alcohol which he claims is an instigator of his offenses, he will not be able to commit to quitting until he is fully ready.

Although, Rob Ford apologized for his derogatory remarks, it does not excuse the revelations of his unacceptable behavior. There have been numerous accounts of him being a discredit to social and lawful obligations. Disregarding his position as an individual, Ford needs to take responsibility for his actions and should not be exempt from being reprimanded.


By Melissa McDonald


Daily Beast

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