‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ Adam Levine? Here’s My Sexiest Man Alive List

Actor Idris Elba Tops This List

sexiest man aliveThe ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ is Adam Levine? People is no arbiter of taste. Its yearly ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ list is usually a snooze, and this year is no exception. Y’all can have him; he leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Can’t tolerate his haughtiness. The last time People had a person of color as ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ was Denzel Washington. How many years ago was that?

That said, here is MY list of 10 sexiest men of 2013. (Actually, this is my sexiest men list, period.) Idris Elba should’ve bumped Levine off the list this year. Will you learn your lesson from now on, People?!

  1. Idris Elba. The first time I ever saw Elba was in HBO’s “The Wire,” where he played Stringer Bell. I thought, WHO the hell is that? I thought Elba was American so imagine my shock when I found out he was British. He comes from sort of a hardscrabble life and managed to beat the odds. I love underdog stories. Elba’s incredible sexiness comes from thinking he’s NOT sexy. Plus, he’s a damn good actor. Don’t believe me? Check him out in “The Wire” and “Luther,” and oh yeah, in the Mandela flick that’s coming out soon. He’s been in some action flicks but those aren’t my favorites of his. I love when he goes deeeep. That doesn’t sound right, does it? Errrrr.
  2. Jon Seda. This actor doesn’t get enough attention. He played some awesomely sweet characters in “I Like It Like That” and “Selena,” and he had this hardcore small part in “Oz,” where he was burned alive early in the first season. I almost busted my TV when his character died. It wasn’t pretty. That just goes to show Seda has some goods going on. I hate that he’s so underrated.
  3. Ryan Gosling. Did you see him in “Lars and the Real Girl”? Oh wait, I saw him first in “The Notebook,” which, predictably, every single girl HAS to fall in love with him for that one, but did you hear about him saving a woman from a speeding cab in New York City? And the time he broke up a fight between two men? I don’t know if he has a hero complex or what, but I don’t care. He seems to care about people and that gets a HELL YEAH YOU ARE SEXAY from me. Besides being a good actor, of course, because that’s a prerequisite, you know.
  4.  Andy Samberg. I never noticed Samberg before but watching him on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” makes me wonder where the hell he’s been all this time. (Oh, he did that movie with Rashida Jones, which yes, he was cute but eh?) Funny guys are oh so sexy and Samberg is just GOLD when he butts heads with Andre Braugher. He makes me bust up like few actors do, which leads me to …
  5. John Leguizamo. This guy can do both serious and funny pretty well. He was so smooth in “Empire” and then he can do something stupidly funny like “The Pest,” which made me snort so loudly. Parts of it were ridiculous but I couldn’t help myself. Leguizamo is a comedy genius.
  6. David Oyelowo. I’ve seen Oyelowo here and there throughout the years (most recently in “Jack Reacher”) but he really caught my eye when he starred in this miniseries called “Five Days,” which I got through Netflix because this was filmed back in 2007. I love that Oyelowo’s so in demand right now, because that means I’ll get my fill of him in the years to come.
  7. Cillian Murphy. I think it was the eyes that did it. And the fact Murphy can play sinister quite well, when he played creeps in “Batman Begins” and “Red Eye.” He did such a sensitive turn as a transsexual in “Breakfast on Pluto.” I think he has wide range as an actor, and I’m always curious what he will do next.
  8. Keanu Reeves. Gosh, Keanu Reeves? He wouldn’t be on this list if I hadn’t heard this tidbit years ago (through a very reliable source) that he’s an incredibly nice guy who is gracious to everyone. That just made me melt, and I never forgot that. Because being an all-around nice guy is sexy. As for his acting, Keanu works for me when he’s in action films like the “The Matrix” and “Point Break,” but I think my all-time favorite is his role in “River’s Edge,” with Crispin Glover. Watch it if you haven’t.
  9. Marlon Brando. Yes, he’s dead but his sexiness is immortal.
  10. Tom Hardy. Oh, lawdy LAWD. Hardy is so intense. He was killer in “Wuthering Heights” and in “Warrior” and, he’s been in a bunch of films. He’s so exciting to watch, I love how he seethes sex appeal. He reminds me of Elba because he had a hardscrabble life, too. Also, I heard this excellent tidbit about Hardy from a friend who met him in London. Hardy spent 40 minutes talking with my friend about a bunch of stuff, and he was just the nicest guy. This story makes me think he won’t become an asshole like Mel Gibson.

So, there is my list. Tell me if you agree with it… or not! Even better, tell me your favorites!

By Juana Poareo






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