Shooting Suspect in Newry Held by Police

shootingPolice have arrested a 79-year-old suspect in County Down in connection to the shooting of a middle-aged man in Newry yesterday. The man was arrested at around 4am this morning and remains in police custody.

The 50-year-old was shot yesterday evening in the knee and stomach and is now in hospital. He is still critical and is now in Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital.

There is currently no connection between the shooting, the suspect in Newry being held in police custody and any political involvement. Sinn Fein member, Charlie Casey, has condemned the actions. The motive is currently unclear. Hopefully the authorities will be able to get answers from the elderly suspect.

Casey has stated that it was an “unfortunate and sad” incident. He calls for anyone who knows anything to step forward. Like many people in Northern Ireland, he hoped that the troubles were in the past.

The local SDLP MLA member and a spokesperson for Alliance Justice have both also condemned the actions and are “appalled”.

Two men were involved in the shooting though but so far only one suspect is being held for the Newry shooting by police. Local authorities ask that anyone who knows anything to come forward by calling Crimestoppers.

By Alexandria Ingham


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