Sony Brings Back the Games You Want

Old school Sony PlayStation
If you could tell Sony directly what games you wanted in the future for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita what would you ask for? What would your list look like? Would it be a sticky note or a notebook? Maybe it would look more like an enormous collection of tweets that continues to build as the days add up. This last option may be closer to the truth than expected.

The idea is for players to get to play the games they want. What does that mean exactly? Well a ton of possibilities come to mind. Was there a sequel you wanted that only came out in Japan? Has it been far too long since a particular series pumped out a sequel or maybe you had a favorite game that never had more than one entry. Whatever your situation is, Sony is willing to, at the very least listen.

Adam Boyes works for Sony and is the person that creates relationships between Sony and third-party publishers and developers. Boyes works with the companies that make games for Sony but are not actually apart of Sony. In the past Boyes worked with Gearbox to get Borderlands 2 onto the Vita. At this point Boyes is like the demigod of games and as such deserves your praise because he is working for the gamer, he is building those connections so the PlayStation 4 and other Sony platforms can get the games you want.

Sony and Crash

The team working on the list is still small, only three people, but they are working on building the list full time. The team believes that the first couple of games will take longer to come out due to the forming of these relationships and the deep connections some of these developers have to their games, it is hard for them to give up their babies. After a few games it should be smooth sailing more or less.

If you would like to add your own suggestions you can do so easily. Gio Corsi on twitter is compiling requests, go to him with your additions. When posting your ideas be sure to use the hash tag #BuildingTheList. The team is working towards all kinds of games, HD remixes, localization of games that didn’t make it to certain countries, sequels to games, whatever it is you really want on the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 4 this team is willing to listen to your requests, no matter how unlikely.

Sony's Legend of Dragoon


With that being said, Sony could be bringing back the games you want. At this time Sony is not officially announcing anything but some strong possibilities are Yakuza, Final Fantasy Type-o, and Shenmue. As the list continues to build more and more unlikelies become likelies. Even if you want something unexpected Sony wants to hear what it is. This list is meant for the more niche genres and games so have confidence in your suggestions. Tweet your ideas with the hash tag #BuildingTheList and maybe we’ll eventually see a sequel to The Legend of Dragoon, an HD remix of Crash Bandicoot, or some great JRPG’s that never made it to the states.


By Garrett Jutte




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