Thanksgiving May Be Ruined by a Storm This Year


People traveling to see relatives in far away places may never get to make it, as Thanksgiving may be ruined by a storm this year. A winter storm that began out west in the United States is threatening to head toward the east coast and is expected to hit New Jersey in particular.

The storm is currently terrorizing Okalahoma, but according to the National Weather Service, it is expected to travel over the south and then climb up to northern states. The National Weather Service has stated that the storm will consist of both rainĀ and snow, making traveling for Thanksgiving a bad idea on all counts.

States like Oklahoma have received several inches of snow already (Oklahoma having seen about three inches and New Mexico around five). On the border of Mexico and Texas there has been harsh winds and roads covered in sleet, making driving conditions difficult and causing several roads to close. The state of Arizona itself has had 11 inches of snow so far, and weather conditions have not entirely died down.

There have already been several weather related deaths. Eight people lost their lives in traffic accidents, and one man was recovered by firefighters after he was swept away by high water. One cyclist was killed during a cyclist marathon due to the slippery road.

The storm is expected to hit New Jersey late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning and will continue periodically until late Thursday afternoon. This may be a good window for Thanksgiving travelers who live near each other to make the trip out for dinner. The temperature will drop dramatically to a freezing 30 degrees in the state as well as neighboring areas such as Pennsylvania.

Travel concerns are not only questionable due to possible weather conditions. People are being advised to stay in their homes due to probable accidents that occur when traffic and bad weather hit at the same time. This is particularly true in areas that are crowded and have traffic jams often, which is exactly what happens on holidays like Thanksgiving.

Another problem that officials have cited are draining issues. In areas with fields, like New Jersey, flooding can occur, which is extremely dangerous. New Jersey alone has had hundred of accidents in the past few years due only to flooding issues after and during storms. Flooding alerts will be set to go often several times this week, showing that Thanksgiving may really be ruined by a storm this year.

This is not the first Thanksgiving in which people have been warned against travel. In fact, in the past 10 years, at least four thanksgiving weekends were hindered by angry weather. In past years, there have been many accidents and deaths. This is why the National Weather Service and state officials are urging people to either celebrate at home or keep their travel distances for the holiday short.

There has been no talk of the weather affecting Black Friday. No stores have made moves to cancel their participation in the shopping day. The National Weather Service has not issued any warnings, as the storm is due to die down before then. So yes, Thanksgiving may be ruined by a storm this year, but that doesn’t mean dinner is cancelled!

By: Hend Salah