Knockout Game and Hate Crimes Are Current Issues That Need Reform

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Knockout game and hate crimes are current issues that need reform.  Never mind that the trending knockout game, reportedly goes as far back as 1992 with an incident in Massachusetts, which resulted in the death of Yngve Raustein at the wrongful hands of several teenagers. That was a hate crime.  Or that tragically, it has resurfaced its debut, of late, again in the U.S., and spreading like wildfire now across so many city streets and the persons perpetuating the knockouts, using their fists, execute it upon the unsuspecting victims just to see the victim go knocked-out. That shows and promotes an agenda of hate. This violent game, seemingly favored as a pastime activity by the players, associated with hate, actually is a kind of deadly weapon; in all wrong hands that intend to seriously injure, kill or simply make pass-out those persons that never asked for it.  And that needs reform.

This commentary is a spin-off from the Breaking News yesterday on the subject of the knockout game and that police in Brooklyn had just arrested and charged a Muslim man, Marajh Amrit, 28, with two counts of a hate crime and third-degree assault in connection with the hate game knock-out.

The earlier thought is sickening enough in terms of the “fun” that the perpetrators get from watching a victim pass-out; fall to the ground upon the sucker-punch landing on that head with full force and watch the victim hit the ground, unconscious. Who does that, how is that even fun or funny? We need not entertain its rules and guidelines, to gain insight into the criminal mind, or further continue to permit the grave acts that these “punches” have been doing to victims, as the knockout game spreads nationwide.

Only an animal, without a reasoning mind, would feel pleasure from such a sadistic act as hurting another person. A pastime that’s got far too many young ones finding it cool and joining in and testing those nasty terrains in the likes of downright killers. For, if none of them intends murder, all of them by doing it intend harm enough towards the other human being and personal pleasure for achieving it.

These horrid of hate crimes are permeating into a society already infected with too much violence. Especially since these kids; some of them not kids at all at age 28,  for Mr. Amrit, find it amusing and strangely appealing to go wielding such a deadly weapon as their fist to cause harm or murder. Liken it to the bullet shot from a gun that killed or terribly injured someone as the person pointing it at the victim pulled the trigger.  Knockout game is that bad and that serious of a hate crime when someone goes wounded or killed because of it.

As reports continue to come in of the arrests made and the charges of hate crime and assault and sometimes even murder are going pinned to the host of suspects employing the vile knockout game. Law enforcement nationally now is giving the game awesome attention with a new knockout in mind. Until this amusement ends for good, everyone else, not partaking in it, must now go about their day with new eyes on the back of their heads, lest any of these foolish players, not yet busted, creep up behind us and wail us a blow so hard our lights will go out, maybe permanently.

If no one has noticed, the players in the knockout game are in some ways a new breed of terrorists in current society and those “fists” they personally use against the innocent are deadly weapons that have killed or caused injuries to people for being near the wrong hands. Hence their game, for using that deadly weapon, the suspect and defendant that carry out such the hate crime with it. Should receive the same hefty criminal charges and maximum time allowed incarcerated, as does anyone else unlawfully baring firearms or other deadly weapon and using them with intent to cause bodily harm or death to another person.

Why not, why should any of the knockout game perpetrators sucker-punch anyone, watch that victim drop unconscious to the floor and they then laugh and run off as sissies, leave the scene and victim behind so that they do not get caught! Filled with that kind of hate, if not caught, they would continue to do it, repeatedly, out of sheer enjoyment this time that they escape punishment. No matter how it’s flipped, the knockout game and hate crimes are current issues that need reform.

By Christina L. Ibbotson


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  1. Sierra Varney   May 12, 2014 at 6:56 am

    Thank you so much for making a page of hate crimes it’s amazing how many people hate them. And this page is actually okay to describe stuff.

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