Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Address Divorce Rumors

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Address Divorce Rumors

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been dodging divorce rumors for years.  Now, the superstar country duo is finally speaking out about it.

Hill and McGraw, married for over 17 years, claim that they are absolutely not breaking up.  Neither can understand why the rumors seem to be growing lately and Hill is puzzled.  In an interview over the weekend she claimed that they are really and truly happy and she can’t understand why that doesn’t satisfy everyone’s curiosity.  She claims that they are the happiest they have ever been.  In fact, Hill and McGraw held hands during the entire interview.

Tim McGraw goes on to say that these rumors have been swirling since their first week of marriage.  Both claim to no longer think about it anymore.  The only time it even seems to be an issue is when the bad press gets to the couple’s three daughters.  Most of the time they can laugh it off since the rumors about their parents’ marital woes have been around their whole lives.

This is not Faith Hill’s first try at marriage.  She was previously wed to music executive Daniel Hill from 1988 to 1994.  The six year union had already ended when Hill joined McGraw’s Spontaneous Combustion tour back in 1996.  At the time the tour began she was engaged to music producer Scott Hendricks.  McGraw, for his part, had recently broken off an engagement.  The duo fell in love on stage during the tour.

The latest rumors surrounding a possible Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce comes courtesy of country femme fatale and love ‘em and leave ‘em champion, Taylor Swift.  Over the summer, according to multiple sources, the union of McGraw and Hill was in serious trouble.  Rumors of Hill’s constant nagging and McGraw’s womanizing were at an all-time high.  Enter Taylor Swift.  She and Keith Urban were featured in McGraw’s heartbreaking video for his single ‘Highway Don’t Care,’ a song about the dangers of texting and driving.  Rumor was that the two were getting fairly cozy on the set.  Both Hill and McGraw were quick to squash the talk and little has been said about the incident since.

The country crooners are currently flying back and forth from their home in Nashville to Las Vegas, where they perform their ‘Soul2Soul’ tour to sellout crowds on a nightly basis.  Both McGraw and Hill are full of love and admiration for one another.  She claims that he has an undeniable stage presence and charisma.  He, in turn, praises her beautiful, soulful singing.   The show will run for a select 10 weekends through the end of April.

Hill, ever the family woman, is having a tough time keeping up with the hectic pace.  She is less focused on new music due to her daughters’ active social calendars.  Their oldest daughter is a junior in high school and Hill thinks that this latest round of shows may be her last.  She says it’s getting to be too much with the high school schedules and she doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been addressing divorce rumors for as long as they have been together, it seems. Married since October of 1996, the couple are parents to Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.  Since the beginning of their marriage they haven’t been apart for more than three consecutive days.  Doesn’t sound like a couple headed for divorce at all.

By Mary Kay Love

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3 Responses to "Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Address Divorce Rumors"

  1. texas82215   January 7, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    that may be true but how does every one know what goes on in their lives the tabloids need leave them alone. How do you know if they are in an unhappy marriage are you living with them?? Are you hanging out with them in their house. I mean seriously get out of other ppls business and look at your own back yard i mean holy crap

  2. Mary Kay Love   November 19, 2013 at 5:46 am

    Totally agree with you, Audrey.

  3. Audrey   November 18, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.

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