Tom Cruise Court Deposition Shows Him Losing Grip on Reality?

Tom Cruise Court Deposition Shows Him Losing Grip on Reality?

To paraphrase the 1976 film Network and character Howard Beale’s impassioned speech (played by Peter Finch); Tom Cruise is “Mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore.” The mega-film star is angry at allegations that he has “abandoned” his daughter Suri and his court deposition against the publications that made the claim seem to show the star is losing his grip on reality.

The 51 year-old actor apparently did not see 7 year-old Suri for a 100 day time period. Cruise is suing the publications for libel to the tune of $50 million. The document was recorded by the Oblivion star back in September. Tom’s Lawyer, Bert Fields compiled the 48 page deposition. According to several media sites, it is full of arguments between Cruise and lawyer Elizabeth McNamara who is representing the two publications from his lawsuit.

Tom Cruise’s five year marriage to Katie Holmes ended when the 34 year-old actress petitioned for a divorce on June 29 last year. It was immediately after the divorce had been filed that Cruise went for 100 days without visiting their daughter. The Mission Impossible star has had his legal council also take umbrage to charges from his former wife that he allowed the Church of Scientology to influence little Suri in a negative way.

In his rush to defend himself as a loving father to Suri as part of his deposition, Tom made many claims that have left him open to ridicule from the press. Tom Cruise comparing his acting career to a soldier’s participation in the Afghanistan war, apparently, and as an olympic runner. Sadly, while the media have been laughing at Cruise’s assertions, his message was lost in translation.

If his angry message was garbled in his haste to defend himself and to sue the publications for libel, he lost sight of how to go about it. Tom Cruise’s court deposition shows a successful film star who has apparently lost his grip on reality. From the outside looking in, it is easy to see why Cruise is defending his corner so rigorously. Unfortunately, if he is seriously comparing himself to the military members who lost their lives in war torn Afghanistan, Cruise needs to spend less time in the Scientology Church and perhaps think of seeking therapy.

Perhaps Tom should have had someone clarify his deposition. It is clear that Cruise meant the comparison between his career as an actor who makes films and a soldier fighting for his country in terms of travel, distances and enforced time periods away from hearth, home and family. Sometimes, areas that are not “family friendly” serve as shooting locations that cannot accommodate an actor’s wife and children even for a short visit.

Katie Holmes was photographed recently having fish and chips with Suri in England while working on her latest project. Admittedly, the United Kingdom as a film location is much more hospitable than some areas in the Middle East. It was this location that Cruise was filming in when he allegedly did not visit his daughter for 100 days.

In the matter of olympian runners, Tom Cruise was obviously speaking of the physicality of his film roles and the training he has to endure. Fair point Tom, but, the pay scales – like that of the solder he also compared himself to – are a bit one sided. The star makes millions per film, olympic athletes and the military, even Generals, make far less.

It hurt Cruise’s credibility in defending his claim of being a caring father when the world witnessed that the actor could rush back from halfway across the world to make a Scientology meeting. Sadly, he could not do the same for his daughter.

It does appear that Tom Cruise has lost his grip on reality if one reads excerpts from his court deposition. Being the hero is so many films could result in a little blurring of the lines. Sadly, his rush to “clear” his name has left him looking desperate and not a little foolish. At 51 Cruise should be old enough to realise that to really appear as a loving parent, actions speak much louder than words on a deposition. Just ask Suri.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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One Response to "Tom Cruise Court Deposition Shows Him Losing Grip on Reality?"

  1. Jaycee   November 10, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Tom Cruise resembles the absentee father in the Harry Chapin song “Cat’s in the Cradle.” “And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon. “When you comin’ home, Dad?” “I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then, You know we’ll have a good time then.”

    Cruise’s world is himself. His mega millions will last him a long time yet he won’t put that aside for what is really important. TIME with his child. He will not spend every day with Suri reading to her, playing, driving her to school, helping her with homework like a good father would. Rather, a week at Disneyworld, phone calls, and expensive gifts (he thinks) will ‘suffice’. Suri is a precious child and thank God (not Xenu) that she is in the hands of a responsible and caring mother who has her wearing regular clothes and going to bed on time. But most of all, Katie is there WITH her each night for a story and a hug goodnite. That, in itself, is a solace that Suri will remember for the rest of her life . While Cruise continues to thrive on applause from strangers all over the world, his little girl will soon be a stranger to him as well.


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