David Ortiz Finishes Third in Boston Mayoral Election

David Ortiz finished third in the Boston mayoral election.
David Ortiz finished third in the Boston mayoral election.

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has finished third in the Boston mayoral election. You read that right. Add mayoral bronze medalist, or whatever they call a third place finish in politics, to the laundry list of accomplishments for Big Papi this fall.

The actual winner of the election and new mayor of Boston is Martin Walsh, who finished with 72,514 votes. The runner up was John Connoly who trailed slightly with 67,606 votes. Behind them was Big Papi himself, David Ortiz received most of the write-in votes. 560 was his total and was nothing to scoff at.

Maybe Mr. October could have changed his name to Mr. Mayor had he chose to campaign. Oh that’s right, David Ortiz was too busy bringing the World Series title back to Boston.

To sum up the accomplishments of David Ortiz of late, his Boston Red Sox won the World Series and he was named MVP. On top of that he won a Silver Slugger award, and found himself on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Not a bad stretch for a man who can finish third in an election he wasn’t even participating in.

Should he choose to run in the future, David Ortiz may have a realistic shot at winning. A Dominican, he likely would receive a hearty portion of the Dominican vote in Boston. There are roughly 25,000 Dominican voters in the area. On top of that he certainly could play on the magic he has created as a member of the Red Sox over the years, coaxing many a baseball fan to cast their ballot in his favor. Who knows, he’s already shown us he can do almost anything in October.

Charlie Gille

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