Top Ten Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter's list of celebs with the most following


Who are the top ten celebrities on Twitter? Twitter and FaceBook have revolutionized social media. The popularity of these sites have made them into a credible source of news and information. Twitter is a treasure trove of information of such diverse topics as homemade recipes, latest news about advancement in science and technology and just plain old gossip. The impact of Twitter and its power in disseminating information at phenomenal speed was the main impetus behind the recent “Arab Spring” revolution in Africa and the Middle East, just to quote one example.

Twitter is a very special and accurate tool in gauging the popularity of the celebrities. Below is the list of top ten celebrities with a huge following in the cyber space. The interesting fact is that seven out of the ten celebs making up this list are women while only three are men. The second intriguing fact about this list is that out of the ten most popular celebs seven are singers-cum-actors. Furthermore, according to this list, out of the ten most popular people on Twitter, nine belong to the showbiz, while only one is a politician.

At number 10 is Allen DeGeneres. She has a following of  23.4 million. Though the lady needs no introduction it would be highly unfair to mention that she perhaps, is the only personality , at least on this list, who has won the Emmy awards thirteen times. A self professed lesbian , she has done a lot of work on the issue of LGBT awareness and advocacy.

At number 9 is Jennifer Lopez. She is being followed by 25.2 million people. Lopez is a very versatile showbiz personality. She is both an actress and a singer. With a following of 28.1 million is Justin Timberlake at no.8.

At number 7 is Rihanna. The number 6 spot is occupied by Britney Spears. Her following is 33.8 million.

Taylor Swift, with an estimated following of  36.4 million is at number 5. The President of the United States Barack Obama, who may be in political backwaters these days, facing a lot of criticism for his signature Obamacare health care policy, but on Twitter, he is very popular with a devoted following of 39.4 million, earning him the number 4 spot on this list.

The second runner up is Lady Gaga, the first runner up is Justin Bieber and the winner according to the Twitter rating is Katy Perry.  Lady Gaga is followed by 40.4, Justin Bieber by 46.6 and Katy Perry by 46.7 million. This may be due to the fact that she has replaced or rather dethroned Bieber from the charts where she is now number 1, as well.

Something very surprising and strange in view of this Twitter list is the absence of Miley Cyrus among this select group. Come on Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian fans, it’s high time you get up your act together on Twitter.

The importance and with it the credibility of Twitter is even going to get more stronger with its recently floated shares expectedly doing well on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE.) For the time being best of luck to all who have won a place on this top ten most popular celebrities list on Twitter.

Written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

USA Today