Toronto Mayor: I’ve Smoked Crack but I’m No Addict [video]

Police Have Video of Toronto Mayor

Is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford an Addict?Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, says yes he has smoked crack but he’s no addict. He says he smoked crack a year ago when he was drunk and has also owned that he’s smoked a lot of marijuana. Ford’s admission to drug use came on the heels of an announcement of a video which captured him in an obviously questionable state.

Ford says he’s interested in seeing the video that everyone is talking about. He knows there are times he’s been in a drunken stupor but doesn’t recall a tape being recorded; but would love to view its findings. The Toronto mayor wants everyone in the city to see this video.

Last week law enforcement confirmed receipt of a copy of the tape in question.

Drug use allegation began against the mayor in May after a public website and the Toronto Star newspaper reported on the existence of the video. At that time it had not been released publicly and allowed room for Ford’s denial.

According to the Toronto Star, drug dealers contacted them trying to sell the video. Two reporters from the paper viewed the contents but the organization didn’t want to pay the price that was being asked for it.

Last week footage which displayed the likes of Ford smoking a crack pipe had been retrieved from a deleted hard drive according to Canadian police.

Many have called for the mayor to step down but he has refused. Not only has he rejected calls for his resignation; he has promised that he’s going to run again next year.

The Toronto mayor has not been charged with any offense so there is no cause at this point to force his resignation.

Ford’s on and off driver and friend, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi is facing charges of drug possession, trafficking and extortion.  These charges surfaced during a broader investigation by law enforcement.

Police anticipate the video will be revealed once Mr. Lisi is on trial for the above charges.

Canadian journalist Lorraine Mallinder is puzzled as to why Ford’s approval ratings have actually spiked five points to a hefty 44% in the midst of this on-going scandal.

While allegations of smoking crack might have other politicians running for cover, Mayor Ford has again proven that he’s not your typical politician. He has instead asked the police to reveal the footage, not just to him and his squad; but to the entire city.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said he was disappointed by the contents he found on the video but nothing on it supports criminal charges against the mayor. He added that it is a definite problem for the city and an issue of significant public concern.

Mayor Ford was elected to office in 2010. His term has been plagued with multiple allegations of unsatisfactory behavior.

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, says yes he has smoked crack but he’s no addict. He says he smoked crack about a year ago when he was drunk and has also smokes a lot of marijuana.

He only admitted to the accusations after realizing that police had evidence of the video. Now he’s flipped his story and stopped denying the allegations but has said he wants the whole city to view this tape of him in a questionable state.

Is the Toronto mayor an addict? Time will tell.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

USA Today



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