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Well, a month later the Vikings Stadium in the Twin Cities of Minnesota finally has a date set for construction to begin after much debate until the team, contractor and stadium authority agreed on the plans.  On December 3rd the groundbreaking will commence finally.  Although, it does seem the stadium should be ready to be used as planned on 2016 NFL game season.  The new stadium is to hold 65,000 seats.  The contractor, team and stadium authority came to a decision on the construction when they reached the 737.7 million GMP or what is called the ‘Guaranteed Maximum Price’ for the total costs of construction on the new stadium.  So Vikings fans for the Twin Cities Minnesota Vikings, can finally jump for joy when hearing that the construction of the stadium is coming soon.

Although, there are some concerns on whether the maximum construction price will be exceeded due to the fact that some of the bids were much higher than expected.  Kelm-Helgen mentioned that no changes in the plans have been made, so any significant changes should not be noticed.  Financing will be officially closed this Friday so that they can keep all plans on the project on track. The Vikings Stadium in the Twin Cities will be surrounded by construction security fencing so work can start on the east side, while some important utilities have already been re-routed.

Hopefully, agreements stay as they are when they re-meet this Friday to finish the final paperwork.  When all is said and done, the construction team will take all responsibilities so the state doesn’t have to worry about any fallbacks etc.  Since this Friday is the closing of the financing that is 477 million for the Twin Cities Vikings stadium, then the state of Minnesota can carry out selling bonds for the rest of the portion cost at about a total of 350 million.

Minneapolis is set to pay a 150 million parcel and the Vikings team did agree to pay up to 13 million more on the construction project if it is needed.  Of course we cannot forget that Mortenson, the construction manager, and the MFSA will pay 60 million in backup money if the project costs were to run over.  If goals are met, this extra money could then be used to put certain things back into the original plan that were cut out.

So in total, the whole cost of the Twin Cities stadium will result in 975 million.  As I have mentioned before, bids for various parts of the construction have been going over and that it so far has been ranging from 10 million to 25 million.  Viking fans can now look forward to that special open date in the summer of 2016, July 1st.

Are you wondering where the team is going to be playing it’s home games until this new project is done?  No worries!  The team is to continue playing home games at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium.  Although, I personally have never been there, so I cannot comment on what it’s like either. Personally I do hope that the Twin Cities Vikings Team has better luck in the future, especially for the sake the state of MN and all of it’s loyal fans.

By Tina Elliott


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