Volcanoes and Other Realities of Our Roulette Table of an Existence


Reality is a roulette table and earth as it is today – factoring in the statistical probability of humans dominating this planet currently; is out of pure luck derivative of a chain of events that took place in order for the present to be what it is, for instance volcanoes reshaping the globe. Everything is pure chance to have happened in the order that it has for the earth’s timeline because if when a super volcano blew up way before in the past and shaped the earth differently, when the rock cooled and new life began to grow,  if the ecosystem was different the region’s history would have been shaped differently. If a volcano went off and covered a large sections of the earth in molten rock and ash, or if an asteroid hits North America tomorrow, what’s the world’s response? The western world is obliterated, and they would have to start over from square one. Looking at the history of the earth and the rise and fall of ancient civilizations, it’s quite possible humans have faced a cataclysmic event in the past and had to rebuild their dwindling populations all over again.

That being said, it’s hard to really believe in fate or pre-determined destiny because if you look at our reality objectively, what we do doesn’t really mean anything in the big picture of things. We are lucky to be the animals that even dominate this planet, since a few hundred million years ago dinosaurs were the top of the food chain, and you’d be dinner. The few hundred years North America has been around is really just been a blink of your eye in the Earth’s existence.

Humans are like bacteria the spread across the Earth, which is the host for life in our galaxy. Take for instance a city like Los Angeles, if you’re flying over the Pacific towards the west coast you see nothing but beautiful ocean until you reach the coast, but then you come across that smog covered city of massive populations of an animal causing mass destruction to the Earth. If you look at LA objectively, say as a life form that’s not from Earth, what would you see? Well that’s a cancer growth on the Earth’s surface that keeps spreading, and you can knock LA down with a hurricane, it will rebuild itself in only a few years. If you burn it to the grown, it will somehow find a way to get bigger and bigger again. Maybe a couple volcanoes could make sure it stays dead if they cover it in molten rock from all the volcanoes in the ring of fire going off.

Everyone seems to live in the mind state that everything the way it is now, is how things are going to stay, and don’t take into consideration things like the fact that 200 years ago humans had never lived in homes with electrical heating before. Now think about how much we take things like that, as well as grocery stores for granted in the economic situation most are lucky to have the privilege of, in a first world country.

Thankfully in this day and age, my generation of youth can at least think more freely and access information from all reaches of the known universe. They can look up the things that they are really interested in, instantaneously. There also is a massive fight against repressive belief systems and political leaders who are muddying up certain cultures around the world. This is one reason why there are more protests and movements against government. The lies have become transparent, and with a more educated populace the people will not put up with political jargon that dances around the real issues. We shouldn’t be talking about legalizing gay marriage and abortion rights in 2013. The United States like to view themselves as the “freest country” in the world, yet the biggest controversial topic politicians like to talk about are social issues that should’ve been figured near the begging of the country’s formation. Debates on these topics serve no purpose but to distract people from the creepy things government does behind closed doors. For similar reasons this is why more people can no longer take most religions seriously anymore, the access to information makes them question things when they can view things more objectively and not just from the perspective of those who’ve downloaded the most into a child’s developing brain.

Not everything is what it seems in this world, and not everything your parents, or government, or religion has told you necessarily a certainty. There aren’t any real adults in this life, just people finding a way through this short life we are given, and some pretend they know what’s going on and finding meaning in things where there is no meaning, but in reality they have no clue either. Religion and political wings in the government are ideologies, and ideologies that mass populations have bought-in to, and in return were given mass propaganda and convoluted messages that appeared to be mostly to preach peace and love, but really end up spreading hate and violence.

People don’t realize that smart people will always manipulate stupid people as long as they remain thoughtless and struggle to think for themselves or come to their own conclusions. I mean it was only 70 or so years ago that Hitler nearly took over the Eastern world. Think of the compartmentalization of information that would have had to have taken place for a movement like the Nazi Third Reich that was embarked on, without people figuring out that it was nuts right from the get go.

I don’t understand how the diffusion of information that goes on – which leads to power being abuse due to the pack mentality; how people cannot accept that this type of controlling behavior can be practiced in today’s day an age. Just because we are a more “civilized society” that is more technologically advanced doesn’t mean people won’t abuse the powers they have to make sure they prosper more than others during their short lifetime. In their minds, they’ll be gone soon enough and it won’t be their problem to deal with the lasting repercussions. Don’t believe humans won’t abuse their peers if given the chance? Well look at how humans have abused the planet they live on strictly for profit. Soon enough Mother Nature is going to make a few super volcanoes go off, and bring some balance back to the Earth’s damaged ecosystem by removing the plague that is humans who are destroying this planet. “History is a race between education and catastrophe. “ – Herbert G. Wells

By Brandon Webb

Earth Techling
Leader Post

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