White House Shuts Out News Photographers

White House Shuts Out News Photographers

The White House shuts out news photographers and the press corps’ photographers are up in arms over it. It appears the Obama administration is taking another step away from the US Constitution by obstructing the guidelines previously set for this country by our Founding Fathers and giving the smoke-screen the term “modernizing” the way that we used to do things.

According to sources, the current administration is negating entry to the press corps’ White House photographers since the White House already uses its own social media networks to deliver just the photos of its own photographers. In turn, the ousted photographers and news organizations are opposing the limitations, arguing that Obama’s team frequently bars news photographers from meetings and events and strips them of the right to film the President while he is carrying out his formal functions.

As the White House shuts out news photographers, is this move of Obama’s administration unconstitutional? Apparently, it is. That is if this administration regards and respects the U.S. Constitution. According to the United States Constitution, the First Amendment (Amendment I) prohibits infringing on the freedom of the press. It appears that the current administration is ignoring this part of the First Amendment and infringing on the freedom of the press in this case.  This act also keeps news photographers from “working,” which undercuts Obama’s claim to support job growth, and monopolizes the modern smoke-screen, to transition us, gradually or quickly, to a new order. None of it is sitting well with the press corps.

That press corps includes the White House News Photographers Association along with the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Associated Press Managing Editors, just to name a few. They uniformly oppose the White House’s use of Twitter to publicly release photos of Obama at proceedings and gatherings that disallow news photographers being present, and say that this obstruction heavily resembles the Soviet Union’s style of government communication, supplying its own press materials.

According to reports, the White House Correspondents Association wrote a letter to Jay Carney, Obama’s press secretary, on Thursday, signed by the aforementioned corps calling upon the White House to stop preventing access to  “private” events by “placing a hand over a journalist’s camera” and “blocking the public from [sic] an independent view of …the Executive Branch.”

The letter also reminded the current administration that earlier administrations, recognizing the expected rights of the press, established transparency and have given the press entry to personally witness, film and report on these types of events.  The press corps seems to feel that the restrictions on photographers imposed by Carney’s office denigrate the President’s alleged desire to uphold and expand that tradition.

As the White House shuts out news photographers, We, The People can only wonder what Obama and his administration could be hiding behind those closed doors.  With these new allegations, the Obama administration and the President clearly seems to be double-talking all voters, both those that  put him in office and those that voted against him, while he stomps on the Constitution of the United States.

By Christina L. Ibbotson
(an editorial)



USA Today

2 Responses to "White House Shuts Out News Photographers"

  1. David Jones   November 23, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    It is interesting that the press didn’t mind being shutout by Cheney and gang when Bush was in office. Press didn’t mind when Cheney ordered official emails to be deleted from white house computers to erase all trails of war crimes by Bush and Cheney.

  2. stephenaiken2013   November 23, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    He has craped all over the rest of the Constitution, why should the first Amend be immune?


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