Xbox One for the Non-Gamers on Your Holiday List Too?

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It may be a challenge to validate buying an Xbox One for your girlfriend/boyfriend/room-mate/parent who doesn’t enjoy gaming, but with the help of a little bit creativity it is possible! We all have a non-gamer on our holiday shopping list. The trick is convincing them that the Xbox One is for them too. Without even knowing it, this could be the best gift they never knew wasn’t secretly just for you.

To your girlfriend it may seem like the Xbox One is simply just to play games on that big screen TV you got her for your anniversary, but the new features that have come out will prove otherwise. Facial recognition and voice controls will completely customize her audio-visual experience by completely changing according to her preferences. This feature comes in quite handy when using the TV application provided on the console.

The app offers viewers to save a profile and within that profile, their favourite channels. Not to worry, if your room-mate and your girlfriend are both in the room ( neither of which are gaming enthusiasts), the Xbox One can maintain multiple profiles running at the same time. Based on the voices and faces in the room, the console will adjust for all the profiles present.  To make these profiles really worth their salt, while your video games are running, the Xbox One can even create a pop-up window or split screen experience so that TV can be played in a reasonably sized window.

This feature officially not only offers a compromise to the budget concious spouse or room-mate as a cost saving measure from having to buy a second television set, but also allows them to experience some of your most impressive kill-shots while simultaneously watching Two Broke Girls. If you find yourself torn between watching the ‘Big Game’ or participating in your own big game, this feature also allows you to pause and toggle between screens seamlessly.

If your social networking girlfriend still needs some added incentive, the Xbox One has also taken some pointers from twitter, and who doesn’t love twitter?! No longer just limited to collecting friends like Facebook, users can now start amassing followers as well. Any socialite today, will need to make sure they have a strong Xbox One fan base in order to truly consider themselves among the elite. This could potentially be a fantastic way to gateway a non-believer into drinking the gamer Kool-Aid because the best way to increase your following is by posting their impressive game stats.

Even parents can be satisfied with receiving the latest in gaming technology out on the market. Recent studies have suggested that action and reflex based video games improve both decision making as well as physical reaction times. No one’s getting any younger, so a little bit of physical development could be a step in the right direction.

Ultimately, no matter who you buy the Xbox One for, it’s a fantastic gift with a fan base that’s growing by the minute. Within the first day of sales over one million units of the console were purchased. As the countdown to the holidays gets closer and closer, it’s a wise idea to think inside the “Box” for the trickiest people on your holiday shopping list.

By Romana Outerbridge

The Stir

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