Xbox One: More than Just a Console.


Xbox One More than Just a Console.

Xbox One, Microsoft’s newest version of the popular Xbox game console seems to be more than just a console. It does have a combination of almost every electronic gadget necessary in the living room. It has functionalities many game console manufacturers can only dream of.

One console box that can Skype, be a TV, stream movies, play games and do many more things certainly does not come around every day. The Xbox one is definitely a dream for any gadget fan. Maybe even a must have. A testimony to its quality is that in its opening 24 hours of release, it sold over a million copies! A record for sales blowing every record before it out of the water.

One of the first differences you notice between the Xbox one is that it is very quiet. You almost don’t notice it’s actually turned on. A world of difference from previous gaming systems. The fan on some previous generation consoles after a while starts to sound almost like a jet engine (a bit of exaggeration) and to have one that combines silence with effectiveness is more than welcome. The massive vent in it, which allows the heat to dissipate quickly, is partly responsible for this.

The Kinect which comes with the Xbox One is something that is almost jaw dropping. It picks up movements even in the dark. Imagine a gaming piece that shows muscle movements and the most minute variation in the way the body is spread across the floor. The Xbox One is definitely more than just a game. Kinect also recognises a larger vocabulary for dashboard control. Unlike previous versions of the Kinect also, with the version that comes with the Xbox One, you don’t need to exit a game or be on the home screen to hunt out an application. Merely saying “Xbox Skype” while playing a game will take you straight to Skype.

The controller for the Xbox One is also brilliantly done. It is light enough for maximal comfort without giving anything away in terms of functionality. The infrared sensor located in front can also communicate with the Kinect camera which helps in the identification of different players to maximize motion control. This particular feature can be appreciated in a game like Dead Rising 3 where you have to shake off a zombie.

Interactions with other devices is also another feature of the Xbox One. It interacts almost seamlessly with other Microsoft products. Microsoft have done very well in making all their devices interact so well, it’s almost like using the one device with many individual parts.

The battle for supremacy between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 can probably be likened to the battle for supremacy between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA or between Pepsi and Coca Cola. Which is which is up to you and which you prefer is your call as well. However, one thing is certain, the Xbox One is a different level of gaming experience to the last generation at least, and it surely does offer more than just gaming experience. Xbox One is more than just a game console.


By Olajide Jatto


The Guardian

Irish Times

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