Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for the New Gamer?

Xbox One May Come Out Stronger

xbox one

This holiday season will see the release of two major video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The former is releasing Xbox One Nov. 22, with Sony releasing PlayStation 4 Nov. 15. Should a new gamer go with Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

It all depends on what the new gamer favors. The most popular anticipated console, however, is Xbox One. Judging by the Twitter trends, Xbox One is a promoted tweet. From the general conversation there, rabid gamers are counting down the days until the Xbox One release.

But if you are a new gamer and want to learn which console would be more suitable for you, let’s compare and see which features both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have:

  • Blu-ray players
  • Online media services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, etc.)
  • Access to on-demand films, TV shows and music

Xbox One, however, allows you to combine your cable or satellite dish with your TV viewing, a feature PlayStation 4 does not have. What’s fun—and would possibly be addicting (especially for this writer, a non-gamer)—would be having the option to use your online media services to navigate and arrange your TV programming. Even more cool would be the ability to use your voice and Kinect (a motion sensing input device) to work with this feature; you also have apps that you can use while viewing your favorite TV shows, which you can click to the side of your TV screen. There’s this nifty thing called Xbox Snap where you can watch TV and play games simultaneously. This is what ranks Xbox One above PlayStation 4.

The one downside, though, is the higher cost of the Xbox One. Its retail price is $499 compared with PlayStation 4’s $399 retail price. What’s more, if you buy the Xbox One, you will need to subscribe to its service, Xbox Live Gold, which would cost you another $60 per year. The PlayStation 4 doesn’t require a subscription for its media service, which plays in its favor, and would make it cheaper overall for the new gamer. But if you are an avid TV viewer and you want to use your video game console more for TV than for playing video games, then Xbox One would be the best choice for you, the new gamer.

What the Gaming Industry is Saying About Xbox One

Craig Flannagan, Microsoft Canada’s Xbox director of marketing:

“I’ve been here for the launch of Xbox 360. I was here for the launch of Kinect. This is far and away the biggest launch we’ve ever done … It’s the most we’ve ever pre-sold. We’re preselling a little over 2-to-1 from what we did with Xbox 360. The momentum on launch has been really good. And we didn’t have a 40-foot console at the launch of the 360, either.”

Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian:

“Overall, we were impressed with the platform and believe that Microsoft has largely achieved its goal of creating a compelling living room entertainment hub … show improvements in graphics and performance over current generation, and multimedia capabilities that keep Microsoft ahead of Google and Apple (for now) in the living room with the integration of console quality gaming, web content, and traditional media.”


By Juana Poareo


PC Magazine


Games Industry International




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