Will Chris Christie Go to Washington?

Chris Christie Heads to Washington?Will Chris Christie go to Washington?  That is the hope of some Republican leaders, although admittedly their influence is limited to the Northeast corridor of the United States.  In The Week’s article on Christie this political reality was discussed as reducing Chris Christie’s chances of making it to the presidency.

The article in yesterday’s The Weeks’  was perhaps the most serious conversation about Christie’s ability to capture the national spotlight.

In other news, Mr. Christie was not seen in a very positive light.  Sarah Palin took her shot, not only at Christie, but even Pope Francis’s “liberal views.”  Ms. Palin called Chris Christie’s physical condition “extreme.”

In an interview yesterday evening on CNN’s “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper asked Palin about Chris Christie; the larger-than-life New Jersey governor who many believe could be the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2016. Palin called Chris Christie’s physical condition “extreme.”

Palin also took a joust at Pope Francis, saying that she was taken aback by his liberal views. However Sarah Palin admitted she needed to, “…do my own homework, I’m not going to just trust what I hear in the media.”

Following along on these comedic lines, Jon Stewart said his piece regarding The Time’s front cover of Governor Christie:

 “All we did was blow up a giant picture of Chris Christie’s head in a profile; lips agape as if begging to be hot-dogged, and we juxtaposed that with the idea of the largest land mammal in existence. If you interpreted that as a fat joke, well, that is on you.”

The question remains, “Will Chris Christie go to Washington?”

During his interview on ABC’s this week, Christie was asked about his debut on the cover of Time magazine. “Finally, you saw that Time Magazine cover this week. We’re going to show it right here; the elephant in the room.  Did that bother you?” asked George Constantinople.  Christie replied ,  “If I’m bothered by jokes about my weight, it’s time for me to crawl up in a fetal position and go home. Okay?”

If New Jersey Governor Chris Christie runs for president in 2016, he would need to unite a fractured Republican Party and a formidable Hillary Clinton in a general election, according to a new NBC News poll.

Christie had an awesome re-election victory, with 32 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents casting their vote for Christie in a GOP presidential primary; while 31 percent prefer another Republican candidate.

It would seem that it is as natural to put the spotlight on Chris Christie as it is to put him on the cover of Time magazine next to an elephant.  Many politicos are not comfortable with endorsing Christie, in spite of  his home-state landslide win for a return to the governorship.

Scott Hofstra, a Tea Party Republican from Kentucky told The New York Times, “He’s no more conservative than Harry Reid,” referring to the Democratic Senate majority leader.

Is Chris Christie headed for Washington, D.C.?  It takes more than a poke at Christie’s weight to predict the answer to that question.

By Lisa M Pickering

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