Xbox One: the Reason You Are Alone

Xbox One

Is the Xbox One the reason you are alone? Thousands of gamers and multimedia addicts queued up in all sorts of weather conditions for the launch of  the new Xbox. If you happen to be one of these people displaying this type of obsessive behavior, it could also be the reason behind your partner walking out or  the fact that you are still alone.

An Xbox One junkie can be identified with a few ticks off a checklist. He (or she) will have been waiting months for the release of the new Xbox one  and will have been part of the long queues to purchase one or have pre-ordered in advance – this gamer is clever.

He will invest more time into completing his new game than anything else that may be happening in his life and will certainly ignore you when he is at an intense, or even not so intense, moment in his game.

He will spend his nights unwilling to move from his sofa that has been carefully maneuvered in front of his screen of fantasy. He will remain at the edge of his seat until a type of battle has ended, be it a football match or World War I depending on what this junkie’s personal preferences are.

The Xbox One junkie will spend hours on end playing his games and it won’t just be for one night; no, it will be for every night until he can boast about completing his game. Then he will get started on the next one he has lined up.

He will talk excitedly about the new gun or car he has saved to purchase (on his game) and how proud he is that he managed to get that far, making you unsure whether he actually knows it is not real life he is talking about.

He will upload pictures onto social media outlets like Facebook of the character he has just designed or the task he has just completed in hope that everyone will be envious that he has managed to do such a thing.

He will tell you he is busy when in fact he is just playing on his Xbox One and does not want to be disturbed. His Christmas list will consist of ten Xbox One games that he so desperately craves. If he does not receive at least one Xbox One game on Christmas day he will be visibly disappointed. If his partner or family have been bindsighted by the festivities and decided to buy him a new game, they will not see him again until dinner is served. After this he will resume his game playing.

For those of you who are alone and are sat glued to the screen of an Xbox One, whether it is to play a game, or watch a film, or do anything else that the Xbox One has to offer, you may be looking at the reason why.

Xbox One

People have become so obsessed with virtual reality that it has become an addiction. In China, men have admitted that they prefer to have a virtual girlfriend than to have sex with someone in real-life. They have become withdrawn to inhabit a world of virtual reality. Figures have shown that 36 percent of Japanese males had lost all interest in sex.

So if your days and nights consist of a console welded to your hands, which you perceive as a holy treasure and the perfect companion, and you have a lack of interest for traditional face-to-face interaction, you may need to ask yourself, is this the reason you are alone?


By Melissa McDonald

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