Aging Is Inevitable [Amazing Video]

Aging Is Inevitable  [Amazing Video]Aging is the one thing no one can escape.  The ongoing process of growing and changing occurs at a natural rate for healthy humans and can be enhanced along the way.  Every one in the world has a birthday.  The number of years one can celebrate is greatly determined by such variables as diseases, injuries, crimes, natural disasters and other unforeseen events.

The human being was designed to live a full life of eighty to one hundred years, give or take.  Each individual is different according to their gene structure and the choices they make throughout their lifetime.  Taking care of one’s self with good health habits is key, as growing old does not have to be full or aches and pains.

The benefits of the aging process are many, as the individual gains experience in life and often becomes an expert in their chosen career path or interest.  Undue circumstances can sometimes hinder the natural age progression making one appear older than they are in years.  Stress and sadness, which in turn affect the overall accumulation of the body’s wear and tear, can cause one to age more quickly both in health and attitude.

Three fundamental steps that are key to a long, happy life and include the instance of low disease and injury, keeping the mind stimulated and having a positive attitude in life.  The ideal formula still will not prevent the aging process, but one can cope and succeed better if followed.

In the quest for the ever-lasting fountain of youth, magic potions do not exist.  Although pills and surgeries have been touted to improve one’s looks and feeling of wellness, the natural remedies of good diet and exercise far outweigh the gimmicks.  The basics of a healthy lifestyle go a long way to ensure beautiful skin, flexible joints and a strong heart.  Even if all vital organs are functioning normally, one’s appearance will eventually show the signs of aging.

The endless battle cannot be won, but it certainly can be slowed down and accepted gracefully.  Hair dyes and clothing are not a cover-up for the aging process, even though they can make a person feel better.  A positive, accepting attitude and a smile are much more desired things to don.  Grumpy, complaining old people are not fun to be around.

The reality of more or less hair, curlier, wavier and gray hair, hair in unwanted places, sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots just go with the territory of living a long life.  It’s not just the outer shell of the person that is aging, the vital organs, bones and joints, teeth and libido are in constant rearrangement as well.  Proper nutrition is helpful for all aspects of aging, as well as regular exercise and socialization with others.  Health care professionals can recommend proper supplements and advise on nutrition.  A person can be old in years and still lead a vibrant life avoiding many ailments and mood swings, if adhering to good health routines.

It is amazing how a baby changes into a toddler, child and then a teenager, going on to be an active adult and senior citizen.  The years seem to fly by as illustrated in this video with the seemingly blink of an eye.  The video was produced using look alike models and photo techniques, but is a compelling reality of how fast life goes.

Through all of our different experiences and opportunities, we remain the same person although our appearance continues to change.  Aging is inevitable and every minute counts.  Growing older and wiser can be a very good thing and available to anyone lucky enough to partake in the fountain of youth that surrounds us.

By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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