Alaska Plane Crash

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Near western Alaska there was a plane crash that killed four out of the ten people on board. Three passengers and the pilot were killed in the crash late Friday evening. One of the 3 passengers was reportedly an infant.

Peters claims she has received no information on how the survivors of the crash are doing. Jim Hickerson, president of Hageland Aviation in Alaska, reported to The Anchorage Daily News that the survivors were injured from the crash.

The plane was flying in Alaska from Bethel to Mountain Village and St. Mary’s before it crashed. The wreckage was found around four miles east of St. Mary’s. There was an emergency beacon that helped rescuers find the crash site. St. Mary’s has a population of roughly 500 people and is 475 miles from Anchorage.

Whoever had a vehicle was out searching for the crash and survivors. Many people were involved with the rescuing of the survivors including state troopers, health officials and citizens. Due to the weather conditions, the rescuers were unable to locate the crash site right away.

After trying to resuscitate her baby, a 25-year-old hurt woman helped rescuers find the crash through the icy fog in Alaska. The young woman, Melanie Coffee, walked almost a mile toward a village to meet up with the rescuers. The St. Mary’s Village Police Officer believes this woman is the real hero.

Coffee had suffered chest trauma yet continued to help the rescuers find the site. For a moment she debated about starting a fire to get the rescuers attention but began walking instead. She walked about ¾ of a mile before meeting up with the rescuers near a landfill. She then led everyone to the crash site which was not accessible by snowmobile.

The only way to treat the injured was to set them on stretchers and carry them on foot to the landfill. Once they reached the landfill, the injured survivors were taken by ambulance to the village before being flown out. Unfortunately the Coast Guard in Alaska could not land due to the fog but the injured were transported by a LifeMed Alaska flight. Two other aircraft helped in the rescue as well.

Two investigators on their way to Bethel Saturday met up with troopers for transportation to the crash site. Due to weather conditions, the investigators had trouble getting to the site. Since everyone was taken from the crash, the investigators claimed they were in not in a rush to reach the site.

It has been reported that the plane would have been flying in freezing rain. The weather conditions would give the pilot a mile of visibility and a 300-foot ceiling. The weather conditions were described as “ice fog”. “Ice fog” will make moisture stick to the windows on vehicles. The official cause of the crash has not been reported but the weather conditions seem to be a factor. There is no word how the injured survivors are doing since the plane crash in Alaska late Friday evening.

By Anjulina MaComber