Alexis Valdez Decapitates Aunt’s Boyfriend, Leaves Head on Bed for Xmas Present


Alexis Valdez, 19, argued with his aunt on Christmas Eve, 2013 , in their home at the 2500 block of North Kildare Avenue in Chicago. During the argument, Valdez’s aunt reminded him that she invited him to move in six months earlier on the condition that he worked and went to school. However, since he has not found a job, and is instead fighting with her, she had told him to leave the house, and the living arrangement was over. She effectively kicked him out of the house before leaving the house herself. For this, Valdez decapitated his aunt’s boyfriend, and then left the boyfriend’s head on his aunt’s bed as a Christmas present to her.

Valdez had moved into the tiny basement apartment six months earlier to live with his aunt and her boyfriend on the condition he attended school and work. On December 24, they began fighting about expenses, and the aunt  left the apartment. Following the argument, Valdez and his aunt’s boyfriend went out to buy some beer.

Upon returning, Valdez turned up the music and drew the curtains over the windows. He then picked up a hammer and approached his aunt’s boyfriend, attacking Silvestre Diaz-Hernandez, 41, by hitting him over and over again on the head with the hammer. Once the aunt’s boyfriend was dead, the teen picked up a butcher knife and dismembered his victim’s body. Valdez decapitated it, and then placed the head on the bed of his aunt as a present.

As if that is not strange enough, Alexis Valdez then picked up his phone and called 911 to report the murder-decapitation.

According to prosecutors, Valdez actually called 911 right away to report the death as if he was proud of it.  At one point during the 911 call, having ascertained there was a dead man at issue, the operator asked Valdez if he had tried to administer CPR to the man. Valdez laughed, and said the body had no head. Valdez then boasted to the 911 operator that he had cut off the victim’s head.

Valdez then sat there in the apartment patiently waiting for the police to arrive. Upon arriving, early in the morning of December 25, police said that they found Valdez covered in blood. They said Valdez readily admitted to decapitating his aunt’s boyfriend and leaving his head on her bed for a Christmas present. While police listened, Valdez explained the chain of events, starting with the argument, and ending with the murder and decapitation of Diaz-Hernandez. He described how he smashed a hole in the victim’s skull and how he had set the scene.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kingsley Sawyer explained how Valdez cut off the victim’s head, his ears, and his nose. Valdez even gouged out the victim’s eyes, prior to leaving the head on his aunt’s bed. The prosecutor explained how Valdez said he wanted to leave a present for his aunt.

Valdez then allegedly proceeded to cut off Diaz-Hernandez’s left arm and mutilated the rest of the body as well. He had dismembered the victim’s body with a butcher knife and a saw. That was enough detail for the judge to order Valdez to be held without bond.

There is no question about it. Alexis Valdez did decapitate his aunt’s boyfriend, leaving his head on the bed for a Christmas present to his aunt. Valdez was very open about being angry with his aunt. According to him, she is lucky that she left the premises, because if she had returned during the murder, he would have gladly killed her, too. Prosecutors gave a detailed account of the gruesome events in an attempt to make sure that Valdez would be held without bond.

By: Alex Durig, Ph.D.


CBS Chicago


The Republic


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  1. brian   December 27, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    …this is some horrible writing…..jumping from past tense to present and back and…….I don’t know what saddens me more, the writing itself or the fact that someone in authority gave it the go-ahead for printing….

  2. Alex Durig   December 27, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    No one, if you were writing term papers in the third grade, then you are indeed a bigger man than I am!

  3. No one   December 27, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    This article is written by a phd? It reads like a third grade term paper.


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