Android Apps: The Best to Boost Productivity

androidWhether someone is running a business or looking to become more productive in the home, it is worth making the most of an Android device. There are many apps that have been developed by people for all different reasons. When it comes to boosting productivity, here are some of the best Android apps to download.

AirDroid 2

Many people want to be able to move things from their smartphone or tablet to their PC. It could be photos, documents, or even contact numbers. This is easily possible with AirDroid 2, keeping productivity levels to a maximum. There is no need for phone and computer to be anywhere near each other, and the app can even help locate the phone with the help of the computer. It does come at a cost of $45 per year to unlock all elements, but that cost is worthwhile for the time and effort it saves throughout the day.


For those who need to schedule emails and keep the inbox tidy, Boomerang is the Android app to have. It is possible to hide emails for a set period of time, and even set up reminders that will be pushed straight to the phone. The downside is that it only links Gmail or Google Apps accounts at the moment, but other accounts will likely be possible in the future.

Agenda Calendar

Having a busy calendar can make it difficult to stay on track and remain productive. One of the best Android apps to boost productivity has to be Agenda Calendar. It offers multiple ways to view the calendar to help with different needs, and offers a minimalist view to spot the exact appointment needed and never miss an event. It does cost $2 to download and install, which can put some people off since Google Calendar is free, but it is worth it for an easier to manage agenda.


There is nothing worse than losing documents or items when switching between smartphones, tablets, and computers. While cloud storage is available, it is more productive if everything is backed up automatically. With FolderSync, everything is backed up automatically to whichever cloud storage a person chooses. It works with SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and much more. One of the best things is that it will sync automatically whenever there are changes or sync to a schedule.


Note-taking is a necessity for most people. It could be to jot the address of a friend or to add meeting notes to check from a computer later. Evernote is the perfect productivity app when it comes to note-taking. It syncs to multiple devices and allows a person to create different notebooks for all their needs. It is also possible to save images and web pages to check later. Evernote is free, but there are premium accounts available to unlock extra features.

Technology makes it possible to do more in less time. However, it is important to have the right devices and products. Android apps are great to boost productivity, as long as they are the best options available.

By Alexandria Ingham


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