Apple Inc. Rumors and iPhone 6

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6Some recent patents acquired by Apple Inc. has rumors flying once again about their next generation of high-tech gadgets. Specifically, these rumors are about the iPhone 6, iPad Pro, Touch ID and the iWatch.

Apple fans were said to be unimpressed with the small additions and changes of the iPhones of the last few models. So experts are guessing that the iPhone 6 will carry a lot more features and upgrades as well as a hefty new premium price.

Apple Inc.’s profits on the last few iPhones declined slightly because of the hefty cost of some the new materials, while the price of the iPhone remained the same. Apple did increase the cost of the iPad mini recently, so expect an increase with the iPhone 6.

One of the biggest changes expected on the new iPhone 6 is a larger screen with a possible wrap-around design. The screen may replace the aluminum sides of the iPhone and include touchscreen buttons instead. Fans of the iPhone voiced their concerns that it may make the screen and phone more fragile, while others worried about activating the touchscreen buttons while holding it.

The Apple Inc. rumors again ran rampant after they invested in a sapphire factory. Experts are speculating that the iPhone 6 will include a sapphire screen that would prove to be increasingly more durable and nearly scratch resistant. A sapphire screen will also be much more expensive than other prior screens.

Quite a few experts agree that the new iPhone 6 will have a significantly larger display and size. Apple Inc.’s biggest rival Samsung, has garnered much success with their line of larger display hybrid tablet-phones. Apple has been hesitant to move in that direction in the past, but apparently they have come to realize the untapped market potential. The new models are speculated to come in 4 and 6-inch displays.

Earlier this month Bloomberg reported that the iPhone may have a curved screen. A curved screen would add more surface area without increasing the phone’s overall size. Samsung and LG have models with curved screens, but Apple may be hesitant to move to the curved screen thinking it is a passing fad. Some of the advantages of a curved screen are that it’s more durable, more comfortable, has less screen glare, and better for gaming and videos, than the conventional flat screens on existing iPhone models.

Other upgrades Apple fans may see are 3D features and a camera that will allow a user to re-focus a picture after it’s been taken. Apple Inc. was recently awarded a U.S. patent that includes a new technology using light-field microlens arrays that would allow a re-focusing of the picture in the future.

Announcements of the iPhone 6 are expected as early as March 2014, with a possible launch date of June of next year.

Apple Inc. iPad Pro ConceptQuanta Computers has reported to have been chosen as the manufacturer for the iPad Pro, which is expected to be the name for the larger 12.9-inch iPad. Target markets for Apple’s largest tablet will be aimed at enterprise and educational institutions. Consumers can expect the iPad Pro sometimes in the first quarter of 2014.

Touch ID, Apples’ fingerprint scanner that was featured on the iPhone 5S is said to be up for some upgrades. Apple Inc. has just filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization that would allow a user to twist their finger on the home button to gain more control. Another patent filed recently will also cover the scanners ability to scan through thicker mediums. Exactly which future devices will receive the upgraded Touch ID is only speculation, but experts say it will likely be included in the iPhone 6.

Apple Inc. iWatch ConceptOther rumors are saying that consumers can expect the iWatch in the second quarter of next year. iWatch was originally said to be launched in the first quarter, but experts say that it’s now been postponed. Apple Inc. has been tight-lipped as to what features will be included in the wrist-worn gadget.

The number of Apple Inc. rumors seems to be ever-increasing because their fans are passionate about their products. What’s truly in store for their next round of high-tech gadgets will remain to be seen, but every Apple fan out there will be surely waiting anxiously for the iPhone 6.

By Brent Matsalla

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