Arrowhead Stadium Death: Police Searching Missouri Home

Arrowhead Stadium death called "suspicious"

Reports Sunday of a suspicious death at Arrowhead Stadium have been unclear, but now Kansas City Police are searching an Independence, Missouri home.

The man—news sources have been unable to determine his identity—collapsed after an altercation in Lot A-1 of the Kauffman Stadium, directly across from Arrowhead.

In a report from KCMB-TV 9, “at 5:30 this [Sunday] afternoon, a man was saw [sic] breaking into another man’s car—a struggle ensued—and the man that was breaking into the car collapsed.”

The man was pronounced dead after transport to a Kansas City emergency room.

Since that time reporting on what transpired have varied.

Initially labeled as a homicide by Police Chief Darryl Forte Sunday at 5:05 p.m., the KCPD subsequently stated that an autopsy was needed to determine the cause of death.

 Chief Darryl Forte tweets homicide

KCPD says autopsy will determine cause of death

Following a request for information at their TIPS hotline from possible witnesses to the collapse at Arrowhead, FOX4 News reported that the man at the stadium had been repeatedly punched.

KCPD tweets request for information

FOX4 News tweets repeated punches

In a news release, officer Darin Snapp of the KCPD told reporters that,

It appears the deceased, a man in his mid-20s, was inside a vehicle not belonging to him. When the owner found him, a struggle ensued. The deceased collapsed and was transported to a local hospital by KCFD. Medical staff states there are no obvious signs of what caused his death.

Officer Snapp further stated that though the Arrowhead death may have resulted from a pre-existing medical condition, the investigating police would treat it as a homicide until they found otherwise. As of now, it was nothing more than “suspicious.”

The main thing we’re trying to figure out now is exactly how this person died. The hospital says there’s no obvious signs of how he passed away, so we’re still waiting on that. We’re going to investigate it as a homicide until we find out exactly how the person died

News sources then reported that suspects from the Arrowhead Stadium incident were taken into custody as investigators tried to determine what killed the man. Kansas City Police confirmed that they had men in custody.

Facts surrounding the case are still unclear, but there are a few things police will substantiate.

What has been released:

  • A man died in the A-1 Parking lot, caddy-corner to Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas city Chiefs Sunday afternoon
  • He collapsed following an “altercation” with the owner of a vehicle he is alleged to have entered illegally
  • He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to an area hospital
  • Police are treating the death as a homicide
  • KCPD reports three men taken into custody for questioning

What has not been released:

  • The cause of death
  • The facts surrounding the altercation
  • What the investigation has revealed about the suspects
  • What the medical examination has revealed

What’s happening now:

This tweet from the Kansas City PD was posted this morning at 9:31 a.m.:

KCPD Tweet a search warrant has been issued

KCTV5 News reported earlier today that KCPD police entered a home on the 400 block of North Ponca Drive following information obtained from the TIPS hotline.

Officer Daryll Snapp told the station that detectives had received information “there is evidence inside the home that would aid their investigation,” though he did not detail what investigators expected to find.

What the search of the home has revealed, or whether the men in custody have been released is unknown.

The lack of information surrounding the Arrowhead Stadium death and the police search of a Missouri home only adds to the mystery of the reporting, but news sources, including the Guardian Express, continue to probe for details in this case and readers can expect an update to the findings as soon as they are released by authorities.


By Matt Darjany


The Kansas City Star

KCTV5 News




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