Police Going Too Far? Top 3 Questionable Acts of Aggression

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A case is ongoing right now in California, surrounding the death of a schizophrenic at the hands of police; justifiable defense or a case of police going too far? Grieving father, Ron Thomas wants police officers Manual Ramos and Jay Cicinelli to be charged with murder. The details of the death seem brutal; it follows the story of a 37-year-old man named Kelly Thomas. He was known around town as “Crazy Kelly” and could commonly be seen wandering around town, getting into minor trouble where police chided him and walked away. This story of Kelly’s death opens theories to the level of abuse in law enforcement. Along with Kelly’s story, here is a list of the top 3 questionable acts of aggression. Justifiable or criminal?

Number 1 – Kelly Thomas Calls Out for Daddy

In a story to stun readers, Thomas was seen on a surveillance video calling out for his father over 30 times as Ramos and Cincinelli crouched over the prone man, allegedly beating him to death. The video and recordings received in court continued for 10 minutes, causing Ron Thomas, father of the victim, to endure again and again the sound of his son dying. To summarize the story, police were called when Thomas was witnessed trying to open car doors at a transit center in Fullerton. Ramos, who had handled Thomas before showed up and mentioned the consistent calls about Thomas’ behavior patterns.

The transcript of the court advises that Thomas was not cooperating with answers for Ramos and the irate officer placed on latex gloves and raised his fists to Thomas’ face. The officer was heard on the recording as stating his fists were going to “f**ck” Thomas “up.” Thomas ran from the officer and that’s when things became ugly. Ramos pinned down Thomas and was seen punching him in the ribs. Cicinelli showed up moments later, tased Thomas several times and was caught slamming the blunt end of the taser into Thomas’ face. The cause of death? “Mechanical compression of the thorax,” as listed by the medical examiner. While Thomas was far from innocent, his mental issues were noted – once again opening the debate of mental assistance. Did he deserve to die so brutally? This is one of the top 3 questionable acts of aggression.

***Warning this video contains violent content and is not intended for young audiences or those not wanting to view information pertaining to the beating of Kelly Thomas. Guardian Express, their writers, editors and affiliates are not responsible for emotions evoked in all three videos. ***

Number 2 – Lucinda White Tased by Police When Pregnant

Earlier this year Lucinda White entered a fender bender in a Best Buy parking lot. Her boyfriend was yelling at the other driver and remained heated as police approached him to calm down. He started swinging and all hell broke loose. Lucinda White was in the middle of the heated debate, when another officer ran to the scene and grabbed the eight months pregnant woman. Bystanders screamed she was pregnant as the officer wrestled White to the ground. She yelled several times she was pregnant and was tased by the officer. She admitted she could not get down because she was pregnant and was slammed to the ground, on her side.

The public response was not good for the police. The warnings from bystanders and White herself infuriated the watching public. A bystander stated he video-taped the event and White later sued the law enforcement agency, winning a $55,000 suit against the police department. The officer who tased White denied tasing her, but video evidence worked against him. Witnesses were willing to acknowledge arguing is never the right idea, but the handling of the very pregnant woman was unnecessary. Luckily, White’s unborn child was not hurt and was delivered healthily.

***Warning, this video contains disturbing content of police and an encounter with Lucinda White. Not intended for younger audiences or those who wish not to see. ****

Number 3 – Police Tase Step-Father From Saving Toddler

This story is mind-numbing when one considers the horrific details surrounding the event. Ryan and Cathy Miller were sleeping in a back room when the fire woke them. It stemmed from an outlet that created a mass fire that spread very quickly.  The flames were impossible to get around to reach Mrs. Miller’s 3-year-old son, Riley. Step-father Ryan raced from the back of the house and kicked in the front door to save his son’s life – when cops yanked him back. He fought fiercely, screaming his step-son’s name. Police responded by tasing the distressed father and arrested him. As house burned down, Cathy Miller became despondent as police held her back and Ryan Miller was carted off to jail. Parents denied the ability to save their son as a father is tased by police and harshly arrested for resisting arrest. Riley’s body was discovered at his bedroom door.

Police Wrap-Up

In a budding society of unrest, the thin line between cops and society is coming closer to a breaking point. Perhaps with the boost of social media, it shows the unveiling stories of hundreds and perhaps, thousands of individuals who felt targeted, bullied, beaten and denied their rights from law enforcement officers. Are police going too far? These top 3 questionable acts of aggression are a minor piece of  the massive iceberg when reading the many stories of victims and those who suffered from the police. Have thoughts on this subject? Share in the comments.


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